Priscilla's Perfect Day - A Family Musical
Priscilla's Perfect Day
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In this charming family musical about the power of art, imagination, and pancakes, Priscilla Penelope Periwinkle’s family vacation at her Great-Aunt Phoebe’s cottage is nearly ruined by rain, her "bratty" little brother Billy, and his flapjack-loving dog Roscoe. Priscilla discovers a box of magic crayons in the attic, allowing her to bring whatever she draws to life. But as she colors in her perfect day on a beautiful sunny beach, things suddenly go awry. It will take Billy's quick thinking and Priscilla's imagination to get past the terrifying, crayon-eating Loch Ness Lobster and get them all back to their family... just in time for a pancake breakfast!


Eleven year-old Priscilla Penelope Periwinkle’s very romantic notions of a perfect summer vacation don’t include a boisterous little brother and his pesky dog that eats her art supplies. So when Priscilla, her parents Peter and Paulette,  Billy and their pancake-lovin’ dog Roscoe arrive at a quaint Maine cottage for a three week stay, things quickly get out of control. Billy and Roscoe torment Priscilla with their antics until she is ready to go berserk, and then, to top it all off, she awakens to a raging thunder storm which threatens to ruin the very first day of her vacation.

Even that doesn’t deter eternally optimistic Priscilla who discovers a box of crayons – very old crayons -- in an antique dresser drawer. As she begins to draw her wished-for “Perfect Day” on her sketchpad, Priscilla discovers that the crayons have magical powers. Suddenly, she, Billy and Roscoe are whisked away to the “Picture Perfect Place” - a beautiful sandy cove replete with a blues-crooning Blueberry and some Ragtime Cakewalkin’ Clams. However, they soon find that even seemingly perfect places have their flaws when a Giant Lobster emerges from the bay, sending them running for cover. Billy ingeniously tames the Lobster, saves the day, and becomes Priscilla’s little hero. 

Meanwhile, back at the cottage, the storm has passed. Mom and Dad are cheerfully preparing breakfast. Priscilla, Billy and Roscoe arrive back in the “real world” just in time to enjoy Dad’s special blueberry pancakes. And Priscilla - feeling a new closeness to her sometimes exasperating little brother - realizes that a “Perfect Day” can be even better than she could ever have imagined.


That was the best show of my life!

–Anonymous 6 year old reviewer


Priscilla Penelope Periwinkle:An eleven year old girl, aspiring artist
G below middle C to B above middle C

Billy Periwinkle:Her “energetic” six year old brother
(As adult male voice) C octave below middle C to E above middle C 
(as female or child voice) A below middle C to C# above middle C

Roscoe:Their bouncy Springer Spaniel, understands English and responds appropriately in “Dog”  
(Doubles with Ghost of Poor-But-Honest-Lobsterman for dream dance)
No singing
Paulette Periwinkle:Their Mom 
(Doubles with Ghost of Great Aunt Phoebe for dream dance) 
G below middle C to B above middle C
Peter Periwinkle:Their Dad  
(Doubles with Loch Ness Lobster, a very large crustacean)
G below middle C to Eb above middle C
Mr. Berrymore:Next door neighbor, Down East accent
(Doubles Voice of Weatherman O/S Down East accent)  
(Doubles with B.B. Bluesberry, a rotund Blues musician, New Orleans accent)
A octave below middle C to G above middle C – very flexible improvised melody and can be easily transposed to any comfortable key 
Clam Chorus: Additional cast (3-4, may include children)
Children: G above middle C to E octave above middle C. 
Female adult: same and/or octave below



Interior:  Coastal Maine cottage

Exterior: Bright, sandy beach/cove

After penning Burt Reynolds’s hit “Let’s Do Something Cheap and Superficial” ages ago,
Richard Levinson entered the world of advertising music, writing hundreds of jingles for local and national clients, winning all major advertising awards, including two Clios. His songs have been heard in dozens of TV shows and movies, including Amazon's Good Girls Revolt, Disney's Teen Beach Movie, HBOs True Blood and Adult Swim's Bojack Horseman, and in comedy productions for MTV, National Lampoon, and Showtime, as well as in live productions with Fred Willard's “Mohos” sketch group and the Sacred Fools Theater, where he is a longtime member. His comedy song CDs, Unchartables Vols. I and II were regularly heard on Sirius Satellite Radio. Richard also co-wrote the satiric parody one-woman cabaret show Thanks A Lot – My Gratitusical! (published by Stage Rights), and the “honky-tonk” musical Savin' Up for Saturday Night.

Diana Martin’s background in performance, design, early childhood education, and arts enrichment give her a unique perspective, with a philosophy embracing diversity and encouraging self-expression by children and adults. Her Everychilde Theatre, co-founded with Lisa McGee, produces their original plays, including Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett for the Grossman Burn Center's Family Camp and Rosie the Rodeo Reindeer for the Group Repertory Theater. She is currently developing The Singing School, a musical based on her family history. Acting, singing, and design credits (set, costumes, props) include Trifles, The City, A Christmas Carol, Chaim’s Love Song, Inspecting Carol, Waiting, Reaching Up, Broadway Sings Out!, Little Mary Sunshine, A Nice Family Gathering, Another Antigone, Boeing Boeing, The Real Thing, Sidetracked, Sweet Sue, Over the River & Through the Woods, and The Howie Monologues. Diana holds a BA in Theatre Arts and AA degrees in Child Development and Broadcasting. She is a proud member of AEA and SAG/AFTRA.

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Priscilla’s Perfect Day is an adorable family musical…”–BroadwayWorld 

"Priscilla's Perfect Day is pure entertainment for kids of all ages." –Theatre Review

“It has everything you could wish for; a charming story with a little bit of shivers, singing and dancing… fun costumes, a sister and brother, a mom and dad, a very funny dog, and a box of magical crayons.” –Theatre Review 

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