Princess K.I.M. The Musical
Princess K.I.M.
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Three versions to choose from: The Original Full Length Version, the Junior Version, and the TYA Version!

Based on the beloved children's books Princess K.I.M. and The Lie That Grew and Princess Kim and Too Much Truth Written & Illustrated by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Princess K.I.M. The Musical is a touching, upbeat and humorous play about a little girl named Kim, who along with her geeky Dad, move to a new town. Kim, who has lost her mother and now struggles to find her way without her, desperately wants her new classmates to like her, so she tells a teeny tiny lie…she says that her name is really “K.I.M.”—"Katherine Isabella Marguerite"—and that she is a Princess. At first, Kim relishes in the Royal attention, but when her lie grows and GROWS, her life gets very complicated, especially when her theatrical Grandmother comes to visit and is mistaken for the Queen! When the truth is revealed, the kids reject Kim for her deceit.  Kim then thinks that telling only the truth will reverse her mistake. Kim's comical but brutal truths only alienate everyone further. With the help of many, including her exuberant grandmother, who the classmates grow to admire, her wise father and her mother’s wisdom, written in a journal during her illness, Kim finds the courage to drop her ‘Royal ruse’ and simply be her charming self.

Delightful music, true-to-life dialog and a tender expression of love, strength and acceptance will touch your heart and have you singing along. The underlying thread of the classroom’s Poetry Performance ties the play’s elements together for a moving and electrifying finale, where Kim finds her YOU and an empowered audience is reminded that WE BELONG!

Princess K.I.M. The Musical (Junior) is a 75 minute one-act, based on both Princess KIM books. Click here to SEE OTHER VERSIONS.

Princess K.I.M. The Musical (TYA) is a 50 minute one-act, based on book 1, Princess K.I.M. and the Lie That Grew. Click here to SEE OTHER VERSIONS.

Princess K.I.M. and the Lie That Grew and Princess Kim and Too Much Truth are both published by Albert Whitman and Co. 


Act I

It’s the last day of summer and Kim Worthington (whose Father calls her Princess), is preparing for her first day in a new school. The play opens with the song “Come Tomorrow”, where her classmates sing about summer ending and school beginning, while Kim sings about how her life is about to change and her worries about fitting in. Kim recently lost her mother, so she and her Dad, Charles, have come to this new town for a fresh start. 

On the first day of school, the teacher, Mrs. Della, introduces Kim to the class. Another classmate, Kimmy, (who has the same name) rants that, “the class is only big enough for one KIM”! Wanting desperately to fit in, Kim tells a teeny tiny lie; that her name is not KIM but K.I.M., which stands for Katherine Isabella Marguerite. When Mrs. Della comments that Kim’s name sounds like the name of a Queen, Kim’s little lie grows as she then announces that she’s a Princess and her Grandmother is a Queen. ‘Princess Katherine’ begins to enjoy the royal attention, prompting her to wear a crown and red “cape” to school the next day. Kim absentmindedly tells her classmates that her Grandmother is coming to visit… to which the kids reply,

“We want to meet the Queen!”  Kim’s tiny lie has grown into a big problem, and she’s not sure how to stop it from growing.

On Saturday morning, Kim’s grandmother, Elizabeth, a former actress, arrives for her visit. Kim and her Grandma plan a weekend of fun. Meanwhile, word has spread of the Queen’s arrival. As Kim and Grandma shop in town, the kids realize that Kim isn’t a Princess at all, and her Grandmother is  “ ‘Just an Old Lady in a Buick’ with a really weird hat!”

On Sunday night, when Grandma says, “Good Night, Princess”, a distraught Kim confesses her Royal Lie. Grandma soothes Kim by telling her “things will look brighter in the morning”.

Kim, “Princess Katherine” unhappily climbs on the bus the next morning. Immediately the kids pounce and call her is a big fat liar. Kim gets a sinking feeling as she arrives at school where she sees her Grandmother, surrounded by her classmates, whom they think is a real Queen. Kim finally fesses up and tells them the truth; that she is Just Plain Kim! The kids are mad and shun her for her deceit. After school, a dejected Kim bumps into Jason and Gracie, who lift her spirits by singing, “We all make Mistakes” and encourage Kim to be herself.


Kim realizes that her lying has caused nothing trouble and decides from now on…no matter what, she is only telling the TRUTH! Sensing that Kim needs her, Grandma decides to move in, and encourages Kim to “Be Strong”. Grandma auditions for a part in a local play and decides to volunteer in Kim’s class by giving  (hilarious) acting lessons for their upcoming poetry performance. Meanwhile, Kim’s comical truth-telling causes more problems when she goes overboard and tells too much truth.

One evening, while Grandma is practicing her lines for the play, Kim mistakenly thinks that her father and grandmother are planning to send her away. Kim feels like everything she does turns out wrong, but her mother’s words, found in a journal, lets her know that she is loved and persuades her to be herself in the song, “Find Your You”.

Meanwhile her classmate, Violet, helps Kim revise her truth-telling by telling her she can find one truthful kind thing to say about everyone, in the song, “One Single Thing”, which sets Kim on a new path.

At the last minute, with renewed confidence, Kim finds her YOU, and creates a new poem for the class’s poetry performance. With her Father, Grandmother and newfound friends surrounding her, Kim performs her inspiring new poem in the Play’s Finale where everyone, audience included, is reminded that we are all different and that “We Belong”!


Fans of Jane O'Connor's 'Fancy Nancy' (HarperCollins) are sure to enjoy this tale.

–School Library Journal

Princess K.I.M. is an inspiring play and an uplifting musical. It's destined to be a favorite for audiences of all ages.

–David Shacklock, Producer-Director, TCT Community Players


Kim Worthington: (age 10-12) Also known as Princess Katherine Isabella Marguerite
Worthington. Only child, called “Princess” by her family. Misses her mom. Imaginative and
creative, wants desperately to fit, but is a bit unsure of herself.
Charles Worthington: (age 40) Kim’s father. A recent widower. A straight-laced accountant.
Grandma Betty: (age 70) AKA- Mrs. Elizabeth Turner. Kim’s maternal Grandmother. An over-the
top, former actress, who likes to “play the part” and dresses in “themes”. Has an extensive actor’s
Mrs. Della:(age 30) A kind hearted teacher.
Students: All 10-12 yrs old
ABBY:  A groupie. Very dramatic. Wants to be a star. Easily impressed. Kim is her idol. She is a
Princess wanna-be.
Jason: Cool. Unimpressed. Gets it. He knows from day one that Kim is not a real princess.
Passionate about baseball. Always wears a baseball hat.        
Louis: A nerd who’s into science and outer space. Wants to be an astronaut. Owns a spacesuit. 
Violet: Always wears purple/ lavender/ violet. Smart, kind and confident. Kim seeks her advice.
Future President. Civic minded.
Kimmy: (Girl with the same name). Bratty, argumentative, loud. Wants the spotlight all the time
and tries to be the leader, but in reality, very insecure.
Samantha: Shy. Feels confident when dancing.          
Sara: Earthy crunchy artist type.  “One with the Universe.” Deep thinker. Environmentalist.
Collin: Musical-Poet. A rapper. Cool. Breaks out in a rap often. Is a hip-hop break-dancer.
Gracie: A confident, upbeat, bright student in a wheelchair. Has wisdom. Baseball catcher.
Jason’s friend.
Mrs. Tremonte: (late 20’s) Pregnant teacher, then a visiting teacher with baby. Emotional new
Maggie:(Mom)Kim’s deceased mother.
William:Dependable, studious classmate.
Chorus: Other classmates, bus driver, townspeople, actor & director from “Too Many Tomatoes”

Casting Notes: If possible, a multicultural cast. Gracie is in a wheelchair. At least one student wears glasses. Gender Roles are flexible for Collin & Louis. If needed, they could be Colleen & Louisa. Baseball team name can be replaced with local team. 

Setting: School has just begun in this small town, USA.

Maryann Cocca-Leffler is the Author and Illustrator of the children's books, Princess K.I.M. and the Lie that Grew and Princess Kim and Too Much Truth from which this play is based. She holds a BFA in Illustration from the Massachusetts College of Art and has published over 60 books for children. When not in her NH studio, Maryann often travels to elementary schools nationwide to share her beloved books with young readers.

Toby Tarnow, an award-winning actress, was the original Anne in Anne of Green Gables the Musical.  Toby acts, produces and directs Theater, Film and TV. She’s founder and Artistic Director of NH’s Riverbend School of Theater Arts, designs workshops at St. Anselm’s School of Politics, and won the NH Theater Award’s “Children and Youth Award”.

Andrew Cass is a composer, writer, performer, and New Hampshire Theater Award-winning actor. He teaches guitar, piano, bass and ukulele in Southern, NH and narrated the audio book “Arrows of Change” by Honor Raconteur. He is also one half of the alternative acoustic duo, A Wink And A Smile.

Premik Russell-Tubbs is a NYC composer, arranger, producer and accomplished multi-instrumentalist, who performs on various flutes, saxophones, wind synthesizers and lap steel guitars. Premik has worked with Carlos Santana, Whitney Houston, Herbie Hancock, Ravi Shankar and Sting, among others. He is equally adept in pop, R&B, jazz, world and experimental genres.

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"Princess K.I.M. is an inspiring play and an uplifting musical. It's destined to be a favorite for audiences of all ages." –David Shacklock, (Producer-Director) TCT Community Players

“Princess K.I.M. is a dynamite musical. It has everything. Great lyrics for singing, great music for dancing and true-to-life dialogue that the actors and audience easily understand. Our audiences laughed and cried. It teaches life lessons in a way that the audience can relate to and enjoy. Our community fell in love with Princess K.I.M!” –Monica Nadon, (Director) TCT Community Players

“Takes you on an endearing journey to finding your true self.” – Brian Marshall (Artistic Director) Caryl Crane Youth Theatre

“Touching.” –Brian Marshall (Artistic Director) Caryl Crane Youth Theatre

“So much fun you don’t even know you are being taught some great life lessons.” –Brian Marshall (Artistic Director) Caryl Crane Youth Theatre

“A modern day “Annie!” –Rita Piotrowski (Producer) Amato Center of the Performing Arts


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