Out of My Head


Out of My Head
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Follow the incredible journey of five strangers as they face their limitations and conquer their fears in this thought-provoking new musical from Jonathan Larson Grant recipient Ryan Scott Oliver. An artist struggling with self-esteem, a hypochondriac coming to terms with her health, a vixen yearning for long-term affection, a Catholic struggling with his sexuality, and a womanizer looking to settle down find themselves together in group therapy. Forced to acknowledge their insecurities and confront the very triggers that turned their lives upside down, this group finds strength through the power of their unique stories. Through heart-wrenching confessions, this fantastic musical character study will leave audiences laughing, crying, and rooting for these eccentrics as they struggle to find their places in the world.


In present-day, free group therapy in New York City, five strangers and their therapist journey through their loves, losses, and lives in a series of selected moments from their sessions together.

Man 1 has a wife, is gay, and fearing for his eternal soul. Woman 1 is an artist, struggling with a life of expectations and failure. Woman 2 is crippled by her hypochondria and fear of just about everything. Woman 3 seems to keep dating and losing the same type of man: gay. Lastly, Man 2 is the perpetual cheater, incapable of commitment and afraid of love.

As the story progresses, they share and they fight, make breakthroughs and relapse. Through it all, their therapist is there, with bad coffee and cheap cookies, to keep them talking and connecting.

Childhood, family, exes, and identity all come into the light as the five strangers begin to trust and learn about one another. Man 1 recounts his religious upbringing, sex with his wife, and starts to come to terms with who he truly is. Woman 1 begins to let go of the baggage of her childhood and past relationships, focusing on her art and the future. Woman 2 sees the toll that her paranoias are causing on her life, and meets a man who makes her feel safe, allowing her to truly plan for the future she never thought she could have. Man 2 finds what he needs in Woman 3, and the two begin to understand a new kind of love, one that is based on mutual attraction and acceptance.

Ultimately, they work together to shed light into their lives and leave a little less broken and a little more brave than they began.


Sophisticated and impressively clever.



Woman 1 – The artist, introverted yet deeply expressive and creative. Soprano with mix belt.

Woman 2 – The hypochondriac, neurotic, emotional, in need. High belt or mezzo.

Woman 3 – The vixen, sexy, but funny. Somehow fractured. Low alto belt.

Man 1 – The Catholic, young, searching, fragile but open minded. Pop tenor.

Man 2 – The playboy, experienced, strong, dominating outwardly but inwardly submissive. Rock baritone.

Therapist – Even-keeled, intense, thoughtful, speaking only.

Setting: A group therapy room, present day

  1. Making Beautiful
  2. Crayon Girl
  3. Lover Killer
  4. Deny Your Creation
  5. Perfect
  6. Some Other Way to Feel
  7. A Hypochondriac’s Song
  8. Quartet
  9. Sarah Fitchner
  10. My Overly Dramatic Ways
  11. To Do
  12. Kama Sutra
  13. And if I Should Stay?
  14. My Art Is Me/Finale

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“Oliver's provocative score shows wit and universality”–Melinda Schupmann, LA Theater Review, Backstage.com

“Intriguing ability takes prominence in 'Making Beautiful' at the Powerhouse Theatre. Emerging composer-lyricist Ryan Scott Oliver applies his chops to the travails of the post-'Friends' generation.”–LA Times

“But this is not just another litany of 'Chorus Line'-style autobiographical sob story showstoppers. Oliver's music is too sophisticated for that. Rather, as the show progresses, the characters' interplay affords them all (a little implausibly to be sure, but so what) enough self-discovery to set aside their insecurities and face the world afresh.”

"Oliver’s fourteen songs are impressively clever"–LA List

"I heartily recommend Out Of My Head as an introduction to Ryan Scott Oliver’s clever songs"–Steven Stanley, StageScene LA

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