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Frank is an aspiring magician with an unexpected best friend: Neurosis, his anxieties personified in a character that only he can see.  When Frank meets marketing executive Abby, sparks fly, but it turns out that she has a neurosis of her own.  With love, therapy, and a set of guilt-inducing parents in tow, will Frank and Abby choose their fears or each other?  NEUROSIS  is a modern musical comedy with a psychiatric twist—a story about finding happiness, falling in love, and dealing with that little voice in your head along the way.


Frank and his best friend go about their morning routine (Who’s the Guy?), but their day quickly unravels, for the friend is none other than Neurosis, Frank’s anxieties personified in a character only he can see.  Samantha, a therapist and our narrator, explains to us that, like Frank, everyone has a neurosis (You Got Neurosis).

During lunch, Frank visits his parents.  They’re dismissive of his job working at a magic shop, but Frank is excited because he’s just been accepted into the Legends of Magic showcase.  At last, he will be Incredible Frank.

Meanwhile, Abby, a successful marketing executive, has been dumped by yet another jerk.  Receiving little consolation from Neurosalina, her neurosis, Abby commits to finding a guy who’s actually nice (Make Him Mine).

At the magic shop, Frank’s boss steals his invitation to Legends of Magic.  This sends him into a breakdown (Incredible Frank - Reprise) and straight to therapy. Samantha, his therapist, delivers an ultimatum: be in the moment or fail at life (No Easy Answers). Attempting to follow her advice, Frank goes to a party where he meets Abby, but with Neurosis as his wingman, he crashes and burns (Use Your Words).  For an alternative to therapy, Neurosis brings Frank to his parents who offer their own solution for Frank’s faltering life (Law School).

A few days later, as Neurosalina psychs up Abby for a night on the town (You Got What It Takes), Frank goes back to therapy. Samantha reveals she can see Neurosis and suggests that he’s to blame for Frank’s problems (Who’s the Guy - Reprise).  Frank refuses to consider this.  However, that night at the bar, Frank successfully flirts with Abby and finally manages to shut out Neurosis by drinking him away (Let Go).

Three weeks later, Abby and Frank are in a serious relationship (Boyfriend-Girlfriend), and Neurosis and Neurosalina are seriously displeased (Well, Goodnight).  These tensions culminate in a disastrous dinner with Frank’s parents (Meet-the-Parents Tango), and Abby breaks up with Frank.

Miserable, Frank blames Neurosis and ends their friendship.  Now without Abby or Neurosis, for the first time in his life, Frank is truly alone (When You’re Alone).  When Frank hits rock bottom, Neurosis brings him to Samantha’s office for couple’s therapy, and they finally come to terms with each other (You Are My Neurosis). Now, Frank just needs to mend his relationship with Abby.  To do so, Frank and Abby commit the ultimate act of trust—showing each other their Neuroses (Boyfriend-Girlfriend - Reprise).

With everyone’s relationships newly restored and finally functional, Samantha, joined by the cast, wraps up the show (Rock Your Neurosis).


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Frank: Regular guy who thinks he's happy in life, late 20s.

Neurosis: Frank's neurosis, a more nervous version of Frank.

Abby: Sweet and successful but with a cynical edge, late 20s.

Neurosalina: Abby's neurosis, a mean girl.

Geri: Frank's mother, overbearing.

Kenny: Frank's father, underbearing.

Samantha: Frank's therapist, no-nonsense.

Kurt : Douchebag, Abby's soon-to-be ex.
Casting Note: The actor who plays Kurt doubles as:
• Larry: Frank's boss
• Patrick: Abby's client
• Man
• Postal Worker
• Waiter

Neurosis was performed Off-Broadway with a cast of eight.  However, it can be performed with as few as six actors by doubling Geri and Samantha, and Kenny and Kurt/et al.

Setting: The present.

Allan Rice (Book) Earned a degree in Clinical Psychology at Tufts University. Upon graduating, he disappointed his parents by pursuing a career in television writing. He has written for "The New Adventures of Old Christine" (CBS), "I Hate My Teenage Daughter" (FOX), "Kung Fu Panda" (Nickelodeon), "Wendell & Vinnie" (Nick@Nite), "Partners" (FX), and "Stuck In The Middle" (Disney Channel). He wrote the book and has lived the life for Neurosis in his hometown of Los Angeles. Despite all this, he's still constantly reminded he could've gone to graduate school.  
Ben Green (Music) Off-Broadway: Heathers: The Musical (arrangements and orchestrations), Application Pending (original music). Orchestrations: Sarah, Plain and Tall (Dallas Theater Center), Life of the Party, selections from Huzzah! (Boston Pops Orchestra). As composer: God Loves My People Best (Sage Theater, Times Square), and the short opera The Sasquatch of Prospect Park. Ben graduated from Harvard College, where he scored two productions of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals. He was a 2015 Dramatists Guild Fellow, and is a member of the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theater Workshop. Outside of theater, Ben serves as technical lead for mobile data frameworks at Facebook.
Greg Edwards (Lyrics) Co-wrote the script for Application Pending (Off-Broadway, Drama Desk nomination) and Craving for Travel (Off-Broadway); and he wrote the book and lyrics for Evelyn Shaffer and the Chance of a Lifetime (Samuel French OOB Festival winner, Take a Ten Podcast, City Theatre National Award). Greg's essays appear in Avidly (LA Review of Books) and McSweeney's, and his game Jessica Plunkenstein and the Dusseldorf Conspiracy (NYT "Best Adventure Game of the Year") was published by PC Gamer UK. Greg is an alumnus of Yale (Phi Beta Kappa), the BMI Workshop (Harrington Award), and the Dramatists Guild Fellows.

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"A funny and frothy new musical with a fun score, solid laughs and a terrific company." –BroadwayWorld

"Neil Simon may no longer be with us, but his spirit lives on in this new musical." –CurtainUp

"Filled with quick-witted jokes and buoyant energy!"–TheaterMania

"NYC PICK — 10 Best Things To Do! A new musical comedy that celebrates the neurotic tendencies in all of us." –Newsday

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The Authorized Materials/Rehearsal Package for Neurosis includes: 

  • Production Scripts
  • Piano/Vocal Scores

  • Piano/Conductor Score
  • Bass
  • Percussion
  • Reed (Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Alto Saxophone 
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