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My Jo
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An all-new musical inspired by Little Women and the works of Louisa May Alcott, set in Massachusetts during the American Civil War. The March family struggles to survive while the patriarch is away in battle, and the four March daughters experience growing pains, including the pangs of young love. An endearing new musical the whole family can enjoy.



The Women: 

Marmee – To be played by actress in her late 30s through early 50s.

Meg March  To be played by actress in her late teens/ early 20s.

Jo March  To be played by actress in her late teens/early 20s.

Beth March  To be played by actress in her late teens to early 20s.

Amy March  To be played by actress in her mid-late teens.

Hannah  Can be cast using an actress anywhere from mid-20s through senior citizen age.

Aunt March  Actress middle-aged to senior citizen age, or an actor in drag.

Mrs. Kirke  Can be played by actress in her mid-20s through mid-40s.

Mamie  Can be played by actress in her mid-teens through early 30s.

The Men:

Laurie Lawrence  Can be played by an actor in his late teens to early 20s.

John Brooke  Can be played by an actor in his early 20s-early 30s.

Mr. Lawrence  Can be played by an actor, middle-aged-senior citizen.

Fritz Bhaer  Can be played by an actor in his early 20s-mid-40s.

J.T. Dashwood  Can be played by actor in his late 20s through senior citizen age.

  1. Into the Vortex
  2. Jesus, Joseph, Mary
  3. A Nice Little Dance
  4. Step, Two, Three
  5. In the Company of that Girl (Part I)
  6. In the Company of that Girl (Part II)
  7. You Haven’t Fallen in Love
  8. Girls Today
  9. Little Women
  10. Little Women (Reprise – Hannah)
  11. Jesus, Joseph, Mary (Reprise)
  12. My Jo
  13. Soar
  14. This is Love
  15. Soar (Reprise)
  16. You’ll Find… Men!
  17. When I’m Feeling Wicked, I Do
  18. Through Your Eyes
  19. Little Women (Reprise – Marmee)
  20. This Moment and You
  21. Through Your Eyes (Reprise)
  22. My Jo (Finale)

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