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Money Talks
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From the award-winning creators of DESPERATE MEASURES


Money Talks follows Ben Franklin—the man on the hundred-dollar bill—as he's passed from person to person across America. Ben is none too pleased by what he sees in our country today, and he's bound and determined to call out our failings. Fortunately, he has a lifetime of famous sayings to draw upon.

Inspired by the writings of Ben Franklin, the play La Ronde, and the big mess America is in today, Money Talks runs the gamut from dramedy to satire to romance to farce, yet somehow always manages to be on the money.

Money Talks takes a humorous look at American society while celebrating one of its great geniuses. And that persnickety, sharp-witted genius has kept his mouth shut long enough!



The bravado of witty writing and melodic tunes carry a heartfelt sentiment, delivered with a light hand and endearing humor.

–New York Theatre Guide


One man plays Ben Franklin, the other 3 play everyone else (flexible)


WOMAN plays: Alexander Hamilton, Jenny, Brooke Fairbanks, Juanita, Hooker, Lobbyist, Female Lawyer, Arietta Hardcheck, New Hundred, Miss Pennyworth, Sterling Granderson.

MAN 1 plays: Lincoln, Tom Granderson, Ernie LaCoste, Jorge, Thief, Luigi, Congressman Cheezly, Barber, Evan Pryce, Louella Wadsworthy, Teller.

MAN 2 plays: Washington, Announcer in Club, Floyd Buckwaller, a bush, Jake, Officer Gaines, Congressman’s wife, Jeff Pryce, Reverend Wadsworthy, Mr. Swagmore, Moving Man.

  1. I’m Money
  2. I Love You Because You’re You
  3. Texas Hold-‘Em
  4. Dumb Blonde
  5. I’m Chasing a Dream
  6. How Did I Fall So High
  7. Come to Luigi’s
  8. The World Runs on Money
  9. The Barber of Queens
  10. Give, Give, Give to the Lord
  11. I’m Money (Reprise) New $100
  12. Does Anyone Hear Me Now?
  13. My Golden Parachute
  14. Overnight
  15. I’m Money (Reprise After Bows)

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“A madcap series of vignettes and dizzying costume changes. A cleverly structured narrative from Peter Kellogg.” –New York Theatre Guide

“David Friedman’s music is really good, with some terrific, witty songs.” –New York Theatre Guide

“Giddy and comedic, more fluffy than stuffy. This is old-fashioned, good-hearted fun with an upbeat and tune-filled score, along with jaunty, frothy lyrics.” –Stage Buddy

“Sharp satirical observations — a fabulous idea for a cheeky little musical comedy.” –Off Off Online

“An amusing, high-energy musical!” –Theatre Is Easy

Money Talks: The Musical cleverly focuses on Franklin as the symbol of the feverish quest for money.” –Wolf Entertainment Guide

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