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Mister Trick & Mrs. Treat


Mister Trick and Mrs Treat
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The Bewitchingly Scrumptious & Extraordinary Mister Trick & Mrs. Treat is a delightful new musical following two unlikely neighboring families: the Tricks and the Treats. In this fantastical world, each family has its own unique way to celebrate Halloween. What they discover together may just be the origins of how the holiday is celebrated today!


Act I

In a fantastical, make-believe world of Halloween are two families. Meet the Trick family and the Treat family (“Believe in Halloween”).

There are two seemingly haunted Victorian houses. The Trick family has lived in its purposely imposing house for years. They love Halloween and, even more, love to trick!! But on this day, someone is moving into the house next door. Young Tootsie Treat is seen bringing in a cauldron. Grandmother Eclaira Treat enters the home with a broom! Teenager Charleston and cousin Clark carry in a mysterious trunk. These sightings spark interest and curiosity in the Trick family (Young Thorn, Grandfather Payne, Teenager Ordelia, Mister Trick himself, and their maid, Ursa Luna). They are convinced the cheery and smiling new neighbors might be a family of witches! But Mister Trick assures his family all is well and eases tensions (“The Family of Mister Trick”).


Soon after, the new family, led by Mrs. Treat, introduce themselves (“Mrs. Treat”), and they explain to the Trick Family how they plan to turn Halloween into a sugary sweet holiday. Outraged, Mister Trick and his daughter Ordelia concoct a plan (“Let’s Get Weird”) to trick the new neighbors and frighten them away!


The Tricks’ first attempt is to wear haunting face masks. Little Tootsie (“Tootsie’s Tiny Tune”) and the rest of the Treat family think the masks are silly and comical! But when Clark Treat brings in a wagon filled with pumpkins, Mister Treat has a new plan— to carve faces in the pumpkins to frighten them (“Faces”). The Treats see the faces and are delighted and inspired, believing they will make clever decorations, and the carved-out pumpkin insides will make for delicious confections (“The Pumpkin Song”)!


The Trick family is more determined than ever to frighten away their jolly new neighbors (“Lets Get Weird Reprise”) as the first act comes to a close.


Act II

Both families are preparing for their favorite holiday (“It’s Almost Halloween”) as the second act begins. Ordelia Trick has a great idea to scare off Charleston Treat, who has just collected a basket of delicious apples. She ties his hands, blindfolds him and tosses the apples in a large pan of water. She muses to herself about what she has done (“A Boy Named Treat”). But when the Treat family discover Charleston, they rejoice! They believe he’s discovered a new game (“The Bob-For-Apples Game”)! It seems the Treat family is unstoppable!


The family fued is halted when cousin Clark has gone missing. Upset by the war of words, he seems to have disappeared, and both families make quick work of finding him (“Find Clark!”). Before long, he’s discovered taking shelter in hopes of avoiding the conflict. Soon both families discover how much they have in common, and how much they both love Halloween (“Things That Go Bump in the Night”).


Grab the kiddies and have a fantastic and fun family day in honor of that happy and hungry for candy holiday of Halloween.

–Bonnie Goldberg, Connecticut Critics Circle


Mister Trick – The head of the Trick household, an imposing character who loves all things mischievous.

Ordelia – His teen-aged daughter who has inherited her father’s sense of trickery.

Thorn – The master of the house, a high-strung young man.

Payne – Mister Trick’s elderly father.

Ursa Luna – The strict, humorless housekeeper of the Trick family.

Mrs. Treat – The loving, high-spirited matriarch of the Treat household, forever bright and smiling.

Charleston – Her teen-aged son, ever optimistic.

Tootsie – Her diminutive daughter— sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Eclaira – Mrs. Treat’s elderly mother. A hot ticket!

Clark – Her nephew, a special young man who lives in his own special world.

Setting: The play takes place in the adjoining yards of the Trick house and the Treat house.

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“An Original Spooky and Sweet Musical.” –Bonnie Goldberg, Connecticut Critic’s Circle


“Imaginative book and lyrics… Memorable music.” –Bonnie Goldberg, Connecticut Critic’s Circle


“Delightful family fare.” –Bonnie Goldberg, Connecticut Critic’s Circle


“Fantastic and fun.” –Bonnie Goldberg, Connecticut Critic’s Circle

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