Miley Chase: The Science Ace


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While calculating the exact date the asteroid hit the earth and destroyed the dinosaurs, 10 year-old science wiz Miley Chase accidentally discovers the secret to time travel. She’s putting the finishing touches on her time machine when her nemesis Tyler, the snotty, spoiled next door neighbor, arrives to gloat over his win at the science fair. Despite Miley’s warnings, Tyler gets a little too curious about the machine—and accidentally sends them both to prehistoric times.

They’ve arrived, according to Miley’s calculations, on the same day that the asteroid is about to hit earth. Their biggest problem: the time machine is badly damaged from the crash landing. It is up to Miley and Tyler to work together to avoid being dinosaur dinner and fix the time machine before the asteroid hits. Using their resourcefulness to build new parts for their ship, the two learn they can accomplish anything if they really try, and that an open and inquisitive mind can turn old enemies—and even long-extinct carnivores—into new friends.



Miley Chase the Science Ace is without a doubt one of the most accessible and fun shows I’ve worked on. With a message about the power of creativity and friendship on top of a rockin’ score, it is a slam dunk to add to any youth theater season!

Alekzander Sayers, Madison Street Theatre


  • Miley Chase: an inquisitive young genius who’s a bit of a loner.
  • Mrs. Chase: Miley’s firm but caring mother.
  • Mr. Chase: Miley’s amiable but slightly clueless father.
  • Tyler: Miley’s headstrong and competitive rival.
  • Ms. McGery: a highly dramatic school drama teacher.
  • Mr. Mendelev: the school science teacher who just wants to keep things on track.
  • Students and Teachers (includes Bobby and Suzy).

Prehistoric Pals

  • Tre the Triceratops: a friendly Southern type.
  • Asteroid: an approaching visitor who’s genuinely just having a good time.
  • Rebel the Spinosaurus: a fiercely individual dinosaur who doesn’t know she’s lonely.
  • Animals, Birds, & Plants (includes Ensemble Dino 1, Ensemble Dino 2, and Ensemble Omnivore).

The Brontos Who Brunch

  • Bernice: the self-appointed boss of her friend group.
  • Wilma: an incurable gossip.
  • Edna: always a bit offended.
  • Mildred: a hard-of-hearing old dinosaur.

The Pterodactyl Ptroop

  • Lieutenant Colonel Longwing: a bossy squadron commander.
  • Major Flyboy: a confident young up-and-comer.
  • Cadet Clawdia: plays things by the book.
  • Bernard: clueless.
  • Optional Ensemble

The Raptor Pack

  • Ralph: the head of the Raptor Pack.
  • Renee: the second-in-command.
  • Regina: a forgetful dinosaur.
  • Zelda Jones: the odd one out.

The T. Rex Team

  • Jojo: the head of the team.
  • Terry: an overly helpful henchman.
  • Tony: an overly helpful henchman.

Offstage Voices

  • Announcer
  • Time Machine

Setting Miley’s home, the school, and prehistoric times. The show can be produced on a bare stage with some cubes, benches, chairs, or other stock items.

  1. Ahead of My Time
  2. Everything’s Cretaceous
  3. The Brontos Who Brunch
  4. It’s A Pterodactyl
  5. The Greatest Things in Life
  6. The Raptor Rap Battle
  7. Mammals À La Mode
  8. The Greatest Things in Life – Reprise
  9. Finale: Miley Chase The Science Ace

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“A high-energy, educational musical that performers will have a great time putting together and audiences will love. There are roles for everyone in this hilarious prehistoric comedy!” –Ragan Hughes, DDO Artists Agency

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  • Director's Script
  • Stage Manager's Script
  • Orchestrations
  • Logo Pack
  • Piano/Vocal Score

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