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Fifty years have passed since Lou broke Julia’s heart. Now he’s returned home to ask her forgiveness, but first must convince her son and a dear family friend that he’s worthy of redemption. Gaining the men’s confidence, Lou attempts to right his wrong, but is thwarted by the discovery that Julia’s memories have been stolen by Alzheimer’s. How do you ask forgiveness from someone who no longer knows you? With the humor of Silver Linings Playbook and the heart of The Notebook, this timeless love story questions the ethics of absolution when confronted with the fragility of the mind.


Lou Perino, returns to his hometown after 50 years to see the five and dime he worked at as a teenager torn down. When he arrives, he lands in one of the only businesses still remaining in town, a rundown coffee shop. While visiting, Lou is reacquainted with his old friend Frank Malgado. While catching up on old times, Lou asks Frank about his childhood sweetheart Julia. Frank tells Lou that Julia is still living in town, but that she has advanced Alzheimer's. Frank also tells him that the coffee shop’s owner, Steve is her son. We soon learn that Lou has been living with the guilt of how he left Julia 50 years earlier. When he asks Steve’s permission to visit his mother, Steve refuses. With the help of Frank, eventually Steve grants him permission. When Lou visits Julia, he finally gets to see the true love of his life again and attempt to make amends for his actions.


Julia is a heartfelt tribute to life and love, and a reminder to keep living it.

–Reviews Off Broadway


Steve Spinelli: Caucasian,mid to late 40’s. A street smart bear of a man and owner of Idelson’s coffee shop, Steve is Julia’s only son and extremely protective caregiver. 
Lou Perino:  Caucasian, Early 70’s.- An elderly curmudgeon in poor health, Lou is a no-nonsense, self made man. He has held a torch for Julia since he left 50 years ago.
Frank Malgado: African American, Early 70’s. -  The kind of good natured and pleasant guy everybody wants to be around. More family than friend to Julia and Steve, he has been there all of their whole lives. 
Lou Perino: Caucasian, 18. (Seen in Flashback) Suffering from a sense of self-worth, this  awkward, desperate boy is hopelessly in love with co-worker Julia. 
Julia Bereza: Caucasian, 18. (Seen in flashback) A sweet and charming, Julia is secretly in love with Lou. 
Julia Bereza Spinelli: Caucasian, Early 70’s. Still beautiful and charming, Julia now suffers from Alzheimer’s. 

Setting: All action takes place in the blue collar town of McKeesport, Pennsylvania with 3 locations: A rundown coffee shop, an empty rooftop (seen in flashback), and Julia’s room at St. Jude’s nursing home. 

Vince Melocchi is an award nominated actor and writer.  Full length plays: Lions (Ovation nomination best playwright), Julia (L.A Weekly Award nomination best playwright), Buried In The Night, Welcome To Santa, Nice Things and Figures.

His plays have had productions, readings and/or workshops at Penn State University, Williamstown Theatre Festival, 59E59 Theatre in New York, Pacific Resident Theatre, The Last Frontier Theatre Conference, The Road Theatre in North Hollywood, CA, Towne Street Theatre in Los Angeles and Rogue Machine Theatre in Los Angeles. He is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild of America.

Published work: Lions (Samuel French), “The Best Men’s Stage Monologues and Scenes - 2010 (Smith and Kraus) and “Exceptional Monologues 2 for Men and Women (Samuel French, Inc.) and Julia (Steele Spring Stage Rights).

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“Julia is a very touching work by playwright Vince Melocchi written with the conviction that the little, almost incidental, acts of youth can haunt us for a lifetime… a vibrant exploration of love and regret... takes a simple story and brings it to the personal level, with immediacy, honesty and restraint.” –Reviews Off Broadway

“Julia is a heartfelt tribute to life and love, and a reminder to keep living it.” –Reviews Off Broadway

"Melocchi has written a really lovely play, rife with humor (supplied mostly by the irrepressible Anderson) and about the pangs of regret and guilt upon human nature. Put Julia on top of your "must see" list." –Will Call

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