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Honky Tonk Angels
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Bring audiences back with this sure-fire country-hit crowd pleaser!

When three gutsy gals from different backgrounds take charge of their lives, they decide to follow their honky tonk dreams to the city of Nashville. Combining 30 classic country tunes (including “Stand By Your Man,” “9 to 5,” “Harper Valley PTA” and more!) The Honky Tonk Angels is a hilarious, foot-stomping good time from the creator of Always…Patsy Cline.


First we meet the three characters before they make the decision to follow their dreams to sing in Nashville.

Angela Bodine is a larger than life housewife (with a hairdo to match!) from Texas, with a beer drinking, truck driving husband named Bubba (of course). As she does the laundry, she receives a phone call from Bubba who cancels their dinner date so that he can attend a tractor pull with the boys. Angela decides to run away for a while as she sings “Stand By Your Man…Bullcrap!”

Darlene Purvis decides to leave her Mississippi life of poverty to follow her dream after the mysterious death of her boyfriend Billy Jo (“Ode to Billy Jo”). A motherless young girl leaves the care of her ailing father to follow her dream to Nashville.

Sue Ellen Smith Barney Fife is a secretary in Los Angeles who sings about quitting her job and leaving her no-boundaries boss behind, all while singing the Dolly Parton classic, “9 TO 5”.

After writing their farewell letters singing “I Will Always Love You,” they board a bus and begin their trip. It isn’t long after they meet on that bus that the three divas start singing “Delta Dawn” and harmonizing together. They decide to join forces and take Nashville by storm in their newly-formed singing group: The Honky Tonk Angels!

As the second act begins the ladies have landed a “gig” for six weeks at The Honky Tonk Heaven Club, where they perform their final performance. The hilarious show includes their creation of The Honky Tonk Angels Hall of Fame, the first two honorees being Cleopatra, Queen of Denial (Sue Ellen) and Mrs. Johnson, an outrageous Texas cheerleader’s murdering mom who tells the story of her confrontation with parents from her daughter’s high school in “Harper Valley Pta” (Angela). The final inductee is “Fancy,” a girl whose sad story of her courageous rise to success is the inspiration for Darlene’s number.

Darlene, embarrassed and upset over singing a song about a prostitute, threatens to leave in the middle of the show—until the other two gals come up with an idea: they’ll sing “The Good Girl Medley,” which includes sweet and innocent songs like “Rocky Top,” with a show stopping “clog” dance and Angela’s warning to the men in the audience, “You Better Not Be Bringing Those Barroom Habits To Mama.” Sue Ellen finishes the medley with a surprising choice of “Cornell Crawford,” which she performs on roller skates, twirling a baton while wearing a waitress outfit from HOOTERS!

After all the hilarity it is time for the ladies to say goodbye. The loving bond of friendship is on full display as they sing the spiritual anthem “Angels Among Us”. And so Angela returns to Bubba and her family in Texas; Sue Ellen goes back to LA, where she begins her own beauty business: Nails by Suellen—The Texas Chainsaw Manicurist; and little Darlene stays in Nashville, where she will begin a solo career with the dream of becoming a country music superstar!

The show concludes with a promise that the Angels will come together again for a holiday reunion, and so we all anticipate their return to the Honky Tonk Heaven stage. A rousing performance of “Will The Circle Be Unbroken?” takes us home, wrapping up this saga of the fabulous Honky Tonk Angels.


A down-home treat for country music fans!

–Orlando Sentinel


Angela: A Texas housewife in her mid-thirties. She has a great sense of humor and a fiercely independent streak. She identifies with “Roseanne,” an earth-mother comedienne.

Darlene: A young woman from the deep South in her late teens to early twenties. She is pretty, sweet, and simple. A young woman who grew up in a coal mining town in West Virginia and the Mississippi Delta. She plays simple guitar. She also clogs (the mountain version of “tap dancing”).

Sue Ellen: A Los Angeles career woman in her thirties. She is a “citified” country girl. Smart, very attractive, sexy and frustrated, she dances, roller skates, and twirls baton (if possible). She also clogs. She should be a great dancer.

Setting: Honky Tonk Heaven, a honky tonk in Nashville, TN.

  1. Soldier’s Joy
  2. I’ll Fly Away
  3. Stand by Your Man
  4. Coal Miner’s Daughter
  5. 9 to 5
  6. Ode to Billy Joe
  7. Don’t Come Home a Drinkin’
  8. The Pill
  9. These Boots Are Made For Walking
  10. I Will Always Love You
  11. Soldier’s Joy
  12. Paradise Road
  13. Delta Dawn
  14. Amazing Grace/Calling All Angels
  15. Time for Me to Fly/I’ll Fly Away
  16. I’ll Fly Away (Instrumental)
  17. Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad
  18. Night Life
  19. It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
  20. Cleopatra, Queen of Denial
  21. Harper Valley PTA
  22. Fancy
  23. Rocky Top
  24. Barroom Habits
  25. Cornell Crawford
  26. Almost Persuaded
  27. Sittin’ on the Front Porch Swing
  28. Angels Among Us
  29. Amazing Grace/Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
  30. Time for Me to Fly/I’ll Fly Away (Reprise)
  31. Honky Tonk Angels (Playoff)

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“A highly enjoyable revue.” –Chicago Tribune

“For a couple of hours, the women sing—together, separately, and in various combinations—well-chosen songs that capture their characters, propel the plot, and, more often than not, stand on their own as glittering little gems.” –Tulsa World

“A raucous and enjoyable evening of entertainment.” —North Bay Stage and Screen

“A marvelous collection of tribute songs; country music at its finest, performed to perfection.” —Citrus County Chronicle

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