Honky Tonk Angels Holiday Spectacular


Honky Tonk Angels Holiday Spectacular
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Bring your audiences a sure-fire country-hit Christmas!

This holiday sequel to the hugely popular show The Honky Tonk Angels continues the comic escapades of three good ole country gals as they reunite for a Christmas show like none other at “The Hillbilly Heaven Club” in Nashville. There are many surprising twists and turns in this musical comedy revue, including a gospel soul sister who also happens to be a psychic manicurist. Songs include a Motown Christmas medley, country classics like “Coat of Many Colors” by Dolly Parton, and comedy hits such as “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.”


The original Nashville singing group The Honky Tonk Angels met on a greyhound bus nearly one year ago, performing together at the “Honky Tonk Heaven Club” in Nashville. At the end of their successful 6 week engagement at the honky tonk, Angela, a bigger-than-life mother-earth kinda lady, returned to her husband Bubba and her children in Texas. Sue Ellen, a pretty Dolly Parton-type career gal, has won a sexual harassment settlement from her former boss and returned to Los Angeles to start her own nail salon business. She still pines for her high school sweetheart, Cornell Crawford, who has become a professional wrestler and lives with his boyfriend in West Hollywood; Darlene , the young, shy country girl, has remained in Nashville pursuing her music career at the “Honky Tonk Heaven.”

These three have been invited to do a Holiday Reunion show at the club; however, Angela mysteriously cannot be there. So, Sue Ellen invites one of her employees, Charilee Chess, to fill in for Angela. Charilee is a soul sister, a bit older than the others. She is the widow of a famous soul singer, “Tubby Chess”—not to be confused with “Chubby Checker” or “Fats Domino.” She is somewhat psychic and talks regularly to her deceased husband much like Dolly Levi in “Hello Dolly.”

Angela does return as a surprise in Santa drag and reveals that she is pregnant with “twins.” She is close to delivery and has constant food cravings. After each of the ladies sing songs from their respective parts of the country (including an L.A. Christmas song medley??), Angela craves twinkies, and in a dream (nightmare) the other three angels enter as 3 Elvises in drag singing “Blue Christmas” and “Hunk of Burning Love”!

Angela’s husband Bubba is waiting in the car just offstage (never seen), listening to the football game on the radio just in case Angela goes into labor—which she does! Angela’s other children and their “Mee Maw” are staying at the Motel Six. During Angela’s absence, there is a touching group of songs that celebrate the heart of the season, including a gospel production number of “Unclouded Day”.

Angela reenters immediately after birthing twins and joins the group for the big finale of the “other” “Joy To The World”—“Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog”!


The show is a wonderful piece of entertainment. Memorable music, comedic characters, and excellent performances.



Sue Ellen Smith Barney Fife: A citified country girl in her late 30s. She is sexy, confident, and currently running her own nail salon and “beauty business” in Los Angeles.

Charilee Chess: A larger than life African American woman in her 40s, originally from Detroit. She works with Sue Ellen in her nail salon. She is fun and very earthy, with a big gospel voice. She is also somewhat psychic. She is the widow of “Tubby Chess,” a legendary soul singer.

Darlene Purvis: A young country singer in her 20s, she is currently trying to “make it” in Nashville. She is pretty and naïve—a LeAnn Rimes type. She is originally from the hills of Appalachia, but grew up in the Mississippi Delta.

Angela Bodine - A Texas housewife in her 30s. She is full of fun and identifies with Roseanne. She is very pregnant with twins—due any time now.

Setting: Honky Tonk Heaven Club

  1. Rock Candy Mountain
  2. Angels We Have Heard On High
  3. It Wasn’t God Who Made The Honky Tonk Angels
  4. Rockin’ ‘Round The Christmas Tree
  5. Country Christmas
  6. Christmas Time’s A Comin’
  7. The Mississippi Squirrel Revival
  8. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
  9. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
  10. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag
  11. Pepperment Twist
  12. Greatest Little Christmas Ever Was
  13. Santa Bring My Baby Back Home
  14. Coat of Many Colors
  15. Pretty Paper
  16. Christmas Carol
  17. Redneck 12 Days of Christmas
  18. Kay Thompson’s Jingle Bells
  19. Jingle Bell Rock
  20. Christmas in the City of Angels
  21. Christmastime in the Valley
  22. Feliz Navidad
  23. Little Saint Nick
  24. Little Old Lady From Pasadena
  25. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
  26. Mama’s Applesauce Cake
  27. Hunka Burnin’ Love
  28. Blue Christmas
  29. Santa Claus Is Back In Town
  30. The Jet Set
  31. Silent Night
  32. Merry Christmas Darlin’
  33. What a Wonderful World
  34. From a Distance
  35. I Believe
  36. Unclouded Day
  37. Joy to the World (instrumental)

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“‘Tis the season. The Honky Tonk Angels Holiday Spectacular is a whole plate of Christmas cookies just sitting there. Go ahead and eat every one.” –Richmond Times-Dispatch

“This light, fluffy holiday concert is full of smiles and spirit.” –Tvjerry.com

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Required production materials for HONKY TONK ANGELS:

  • Cast Scripts
  • Vocal Books
  • Director's Script
  • Stage Manager's Script
  • Orchestrations
  • Piano/Vocal Score


  • Piano
  • Electric Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Fiddle