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Green Room
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John, Cliff, Anna, and Divonne live out their complicated lives in the green room of their school's theatre department. Both hilarious and heartwarming, this modern musical gives an authentic account of the struggles these four college theatre majors face in finding their place in the world. The rock-infused pop score includes the Songwriter’s Guild of America award-winning song, “It’s All About Me.” If you’ve ever been an actor or wanted to be an actor, you’ll certainly relate to the Broadway dreams of these characters in this sure-fire hit!


Act I

The Green Room, the place where actors await their entrance onto the stage, serves also as the study lounge, rehearsal space and support group for four struggling theater majors.  Anna and Divonne share their ambitions for life beyond school (“In the Green Room”), but now are somewhat content to concentrate their energies on this space in the bowels of St. Gustov, a small Midwestern college.  Anna introduces her younger, smarter brother Cliff to the Green Room, as well as to Divonne and to John, her somewhat overconfident boyfriend.  Brother and sister must convince John and Divonne that Cliff is worthy of acceptance into their group and into their beloved territory (“He’s Got Style”).  Cliff’s earnestness and wit, along with his talent as a playwright, finally win them over.  As the girls prepare for an upcoming audition, John takes Cliff under his wing and expounds on the virtues of being single (“Bachelor’s Anthem”).  However, neither can overcome their attractions – Cliff to Divonne and John to Anna (“What Do I Think of Me?”).  Cliff and Divonne’s relationship spawn an unexpected dilemma, which Cliff celebrates (“Nothing Can Stop My Boys”).  A distraught Anna points out their parents’ inevitable disapproval, but Cliff’s manhood remains undaunted (“Nothing Can Stop My Boys Reprise”).  After the four rehearse and perform for their professor’s musical tribute to the Bible (“Don’t Try to Part the Waters”), Divonne reveals to Cliff not only that she is not pregnant, but also that she is breaking up with him (“I’ve Had Enough of You”).  During the strike for the show, John ignores Anna, prompting her and Cliff to commiserate about love in a sibling duet (“The All-You-Want-To-Do-Is-Do-Me Blues”).  John must weigh the wealth and security offered by a position at his father’s firm against the passion and inherent instability of a career onstage (“In the End”).

Act II

Act II opens two and a half years later during our group’s last collegiate all-nighter.  Cliff and John rescue Divonne from writer’s block with some electrifying ideas (“Destination Stage Left”).  The boys are desperate for Anna’s help in their cram session for theater history, but she refuses as long as she is required to wear and ultra-revealing costume demanded by Cliff’s script.  As the other three leave to resolve this issue, Divonne laments her fate as a perpetually underappreciated character actor (“It’s All About Me”).  Despite the foursome’s differences, they must pull together to rehearse a song (“Good-Lookin’ Girls”) for Cliff’s play.  Afterward, Cliff admits he’s still in love with Divonne, but she convinces him that love will come again to him (“It Comes Easy”).  The others turn on Anna whom they feel is needlessly blocking their dreams of conquering Broadway after graduation.  Left alone, Anna decides to lay it all on the line, shed her good-girl image and take a big risk for the good of the group (“I Want to Go to Extremes”).  Now united in purpose and rededicated to acting, our intimate group watches the curtain fall on their college life and on the place that embodied it.  They set their sights beyond the comfortable walls of the Green Room and look toward their future (“Waiting in the Wings”).


A surprisingly sweet tale of ambition and talent.

–Sacramento Bee


Anna Kearns— (18-25 age range. Soprano) Anna is an extremely beautiful, youthful, up-tight goody-goody acting major. She loves structure and always gets cast as the lead in all the productions.  She is obsessed with shaping John Radford up and making him husband material. She sings the show-stopping “I Wanna Go To Extremes” and the beautiful duet “What do I Think of Me”. Prototype: Sandy in “Grease,” Kate Monster in “Ave Q,” Roxy Hart in “Chicago”

Divonne Bruder— (18-25 age range. Alto) Divonne is very outspoken, funny and quirky. She is a younger Ethel Merman, Bette Midler or Barbra Striesand.  She doesn’t fit into the academic scene at all and constantly threatens to move to New York. She’s frustrated that she has never gotten a lead role; instead she gets walk-ons or worse.  Divonne falls in lust with Anna’s nerdy brother, Cliff, but soon dumps him.  She sings the award-winning song “It’s All About Me” and the heart-melting “It Comes Easy”. Prototype: Elphaba in “Wicked,” Maureen in “Rent,” Dot in “Sunday in the Park,” Rizzo in “Grease,” Velma Kelly in “Chicago”

Cliff Kearns—(18-25 age range. Tenor) Cliff is geeky, bright and boyish.  Must be funny!  Anna’s younger brother who follows her lead and attends St. Gustov to act and write.  He might be gay. He becomes best friends with playboy John Radford and romantically involved with Divonne. He sings the show-stopping “Nothing Can Stop My Boys” and “Destination Stage Left”. Prototype: Mark in “Rent,” Seymour in “Little Shop,” Rod in “Ave Q”

John Radford—(18-25 age range. Bass) John is cocky, self-assured and jockish—a typical frat boy.  He is in lust with Anna, but she continually gives him the brush off.  His big-mouth, bad-boy attitude covers a heart of gold.  He brags about being “the big man on campus” and gets the lead in every play.  His dad wants him to study architecture, but he wants to pursue acting.  He sings “Bachelor’s Anthem” and “In the End” Prototype:  Roger in “Rent,” Danny in “Grease,” Billy Flynn in “Chicago” 

Setting: Backstage in a college green room, present day

Chuck Pelletier (Music and Lyrics) Chuck has written three produced musicals,hundreds of songs, and has various published choral arrangements. Besides The Green Room, Chuck wrote the music and lyrics to the children’s musical, The Boy Who Stood Still and the music to the musical Sour Grapes. His original songs have been placed in several independent movies including Valentine Man, Eyes of Innocence, Piling Up Vera, Chasing Indigo and Zyzzyx Road. Chuck is currently the vocal music director for Princess Cruise Lines. Chuck has a bachelor of arts in music from the University of Illinois and has done additional study at Princeton as well as at Oxford in England.

C. Stephen Foster (Book) is an actor/writer originally from Ft. Worth, Texas now living in Hollywood. Foster wrote the hit comedy Legends and Bridge and co-wrote, with Scott Wilkerson, Divanalysis: the Mechanics of Camp. Foster and Pelletier’s screenplay Rainbow Sticker won several screenplay contests. Foster also teaches acting and is the author of the book Awakening the Actor Within. He originated the role of Icarus in the play Seven Dreams of Falling, and has been featured in such movies/webisodes as Off Hollywood, Studio Lot, What's My Intention?, and Hidden Hills (which premiered at the Palm Springs International Film Festival). 

Rod Damer (Book) is an actor as well as a writer, originally from Chicago. He has had small roles in House, Passions, Zodiac and Alien Resurrection. He’s worked extensively with the Laguna Playhouse’s Theatereach program and is a member of Theatre West. Years ago, he enjoyed the humble confines of a green room in the bowels of the theater building at St. Olaf College.

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"A bright, beaming cherub of a fledgling musical. Composer- lyricist Chuck Pelletier's skillfully crafted score is a satisfying range of musical styles. Think "Merrily We Roll Along" -- without the rolling. The combination of youth and ambition in these characters conspires to make narcissism the show's dominant theme, celebrated with breezy wit and irony.”–Los Angeles Times

“In these tight economic times, The Green Room’s small cast and simple set requirements make it a perfect choice for regional and community theaters. All in all, The Green Room is an entirely enjoyable musical bonbon, and an excellent showcase for four very talented young performers.”–L.A. Stage Scene

“From the first note of this fresh new musical, you’d better pay attention because the words fly fast and furious, with energy to spare, from the sparkling young cast. If you’ve ever been an actor, wanted to be an actor, or known an actor, you’ll relate to the Broadway-hopeful dreams of these characters in their home away from home -- the green room.

Pelletier’s music satisfies the audience by moving through a number of styles. Together, the elements work to create a thoroughly enjoyable evening.”–Musicals in L.A.

"5 STARS. Critics Pick! Boasts a uniquely appealing musical score by Chuck Pelletier and a fast-paced, optimistic story about collegiate youth. "It's All About Me", "Destination Stage Left" "I Wanna Go To Extremes" and "Nothing Can Stop My Boys" are just 4 of the tuneful songs that will stay with you for many years to come. From what other new contemporary musical are you likely to even remember one tune?"–Grigware Talks Theatre

"The production of the musical at California Stage is a surprisingly sweet (and sometimes bawdy) tale of ambition and talent. "–Sacramento Bee 

“This little musical will no doubt become a favorite among the musical theater community, if for no reason other than how well it mirrors the experience of so many young actors. The pop-based score has some outrageously funny (and smart) lyrics, notably an anthem to virility (Nothing Can Stop My Boys) and an extremely snarky riff on the politics of theater (Destination Stage Left). For those of us who spent any time around the theater crowd in college, The Green Room is a trip down memory lane.”–Sacramento News & Review

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