God Save Queen Pam


God Save Queen Pam
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In this devilishly delicious screwball musical comedy, the British Royal House of Edevane has died out, and the only living heir is an American bartender with a heart of imitation gold-like substance. With the help of her devoted royal staff, Pam Duffy must take on the duties of Queen and prove herself to be a suitable monarch before the scheming Lady Fenella de Dieul can unseat her— and to do that, she has to stay out of her own way.


Act I

The King of England is getting married to Lady Fenella de Dieul, and the country is hopeful that the marriage will provide an heir to the House of Edevane, as currently it is dangerously close to dying out. Before he can complete his vows (“All My Beginnings”), the King has a heart attack and dies. The King’s private secretary, Col. Eleanor Ainsley, reveals to Equerry Digby that another heir exists, and it is a bartender from New Jersey called Pam Duffy (“Livin’ the Dream”). Eleanor, Digby, and Eleanor’s assistant Major Toben go to America to collect their new sovereign. At first, Pam is skeptical, but when she is besieged by the press, she agrees to go to London with her new staff. Meanwhile, Lady Fenella de Dieul— her latest scheme to rule the country quashed— continues to plan for the throne with the help of her clueless son Auggie (“Know Your Place”). Pam arrives at the palace (“I Can Work With That”) and is quickly thrown into the rigorous schedule of the Queen. Though trying her best to navigate meetings with her people, formal appearances, chatting with the Prime Minister, and catching up on Parliamentary goings-on, Eleanor still finds Pam lacking in grace and dignity and gives the Queen advice (“Think of England”). Pam meets Lady Fenella, who grew up with Eleanor and clearly holds a grudge. In her first meeting with the Queen, Lady Fenella starts planting seeds of doubt in Eleanor’s guidance. She also encourages Pam to pursue Toben, even though Eleanor has made it clear it would be unseemly. Despite that warning, Pam manages a bonding moment with Toben (“Once For Yes”) before being whisked off to prepare for her coronation. After the coronation, Pam hosts her first state dinner, and under the guidance of Lady Fenella, she presents the Prime Minister of Bangladesh with a signature cocktail, despite Bangladesh being a dry country. Pam accuses Eleanor of intentionally withholding the information because Eleanor is jealous of Pam’s power. After a heated argument, Pam fires Eleanor and seeks Lady Fenella for comfort. Lady Fenella reminds Pam that she is Queen and should start embracing her God-given rights (“God Save Queen Pam”).
Act II 
We open with Rachel exploring the palace (“Dance of the Ferret”). Lady Fenella convinces Pam to withhold her signature from a referendum (“Know Your Place Reprise”), which causes a constitutional crisis; the country demands Pam’s abdication. Toben resigns as he feels useless without Eleanor around, but Pam insists he’s important to her (“Just What I Mean”). Pam feels alone and depressed, and Digby tries to cheer her up (“Keep Calm”), which leads to Pam confronting Lady Fenella. Lady Fenella is unmoved, and insists the situation is beyond anyone’s control now. Pam will have to abdicate without an heir, and Lady Fenella is a likely choice for Queen. Pam, Toben, and Digby look for a solution (“The Shamrock, the Thistle, and the Rose”), and Eleanor returns to reveal that Auggie has brought forth some astounding information. Pam agrees to sign the abdication proclamation. Lady Fenella rejoices, but it has all been a ruse, for Eleanor has been found to be a true heir of the de Dieuls, and the new proclamation makes her Queen. Lady Fenella snaps and tries to run Pam through with her fencing sword (“God Save Queen Pam Reprise”), but Rachel bites her before she can. Lady Fenella is taken away, and Eleanor is officially the new Queen ("Think of England Reprise"). With Eleanor in place on the throne, Pam is made Bartender to the Queen (“Living the Dream Reprise”).


Frothy Escapism!

NY Theater Scene


Pam Duffy – All around likable gal with a strong personality who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, but is almost always positive and enjoying being herself. Age 30-40, belter.
Col. Eleanor Ainsley  Professional, proper, and strong-minded British with warmth underneath. Age 30-50, soprano/legit style of voice but not high in range.
Maj. Johnathan Digby  Stiff, traditional Brit who worships Winston Churchill and always wants to win the battle for Great Britain. Age 30-50, baritone.
Maj. Jaimie Toben  Kind, shy, and dutiful assistant (and love interest) of the Queen. Age 30-40, baritone.
Lady Fenella de Dieul  Scheming but charming social climber who stops at nothing to get what she wants. A younger Cruella de Vil. Age 35-45, soprano.
Augustus de Dieul  Fey, giggly social media obsessed son of lady Fenella de Dieul. Age 20-30, bari-tenor.
Ensemble Male/King Rupert  Plays a variety of roles and vocal ranges, including an elderly King who must be able to sing elderly, shaky falsetto as King Rupert for entire opening number. Age 30-40, baritone, belt, and strong falsetto.
Ensemble Female #1  Plays a variety of roles including gossip columnist and officiant. Age 25-45, soprano and belt.
Ensemble Female #2  Plays a variety of roles including gossip columnist and assistant to the Prime Minister. Age 25-45, soprano and belt.
Setting: Present Day. England and New Jersey.

  1. All My Beginnings
  2. Living the Dream
  3. Know Your Place
  4. I Can Work With That
  5. Think of England
  6. Once For Yes
  7. God Save Queen Pam
  8. Hot Goss
  9. Know Your Place Reprise
  10. Keep Calm
  11. What I Mean
  12. The Shamrock, the Thistle, and the Rose
  13. Think of England Reprise
  14. God Save Queen Pam Reprise
  15. Living the Dream Finale

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"Ms. Quinlan’s fluffy book is a throwback to Hollywood screwball comedies and trifles of Broadway’s Golden Age. Quinlan’s solid score is a jaunty pastiche of The Sherman Brothers’ Mary Poppins with stylistic dashes of Noël Coward’s 1960s works Sail Away and The Girl Who Came to Supper." –TheaterScene.com

"Frothy escapism." –TheaterScene.com

"I can’t recommend God Save Queen Pam highly enough. It’s a triumphantly tuneful new musical with crackling dialogue, fearless physical comedy, and a stunningly dynamic song cycle that hits on all cylinders. “Think of England”, “A [Shamrock], a Thistle and a Rose” and “Once For Yes” have been reverberating in my mind for days." –Fox News

"This play is very funny. The script is tight, and well played, and the laughs keep coming, one after another. Great fun!" –Jan Ewing, Hi! Drama

"Delightfully delicious... just plain FUN... laugh-out-loud funny." –Andrea Santo Falcone, Motherhood Later

"Her witty lyrics are the hit of the show as they set just the right tone— clever, yet relatable… Quinlan creates a heroine we are cheering for." –Andrea Santo Falcone, Motherhood Later

"At two hours and 15 minutes, with a 10-minute intermission, God Save Queen Pam goes by quickly with brisk laughs, but is surprisingly more insightful than at first glance. Yes, there is a 'happy ending' of sorts to Pam’s rise to Queendom against hilarious saboteurs such as Mari Minette Linder’s Lady Fenella de Dieul and Michael Kennedy’s Auggie de Dieul. While they make you laugh out loud with their craziness, they also amp up that 'class' is truly a superficial honor. In being based on looks and money, its material foundation clashes with souls like Pam, whom run solely on the idea of being happy with their hearts rather than their house-size." –Diandra Reviews It All

"The songs are first rate!" –David Spencer, author of The Musical Theatre Writer Survivor's Guide

"I can't remember the last time I saw a musical which just made me feel so happy. You will instantly fall in love with Queen Pam. [EMQ] is the next Lin-Manuel Miranda minus the rap." –Show Score

​"I was hooked by this show by the end of the opening number. Erin Quinlan is an absolute delight. Both her performance and writing are superb."  –Show Score

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