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Glam Kitty Squad
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Mild-mannered kitties by day— crime-fighting cats by night. This family-friendly pop musical spoofs the likes of Charlie’s Angels, Batman, and other crime-stopping classics! Set in a loony make-believe world, each act features a different adventure for our glamorous hero trio: Act I finds our colorful kitties seeking out a treasured trinket that’s mysteriously gone missing; Act II lands our fetching felines in a side-splitting canary caper, complete with flying feathers. This new musical is truly a laugh riot for all audiences.


Act I

Behold a normal day in the bustling city of Murgatroyd, in a world where fantastical felines and cultured kitty cats live, work, and play. But something’s gone wrong at the Murgatroyd Museum of Modern Art, Ridicule and Costume Jewelry!! A rare gem, the Bespinkled Pink Eye Thing-A-Ma-Bippy of the Inka-Pinky Kitty, has gone missing! Without ‘paws,’ the museum guide calls for the help of the Glam Kitty Squad! (“Glam Kitty Squad Theme Song”).

At headquarters, Mister Morris, the investigator who leads and inspires the squad (along with his drippy secretary Miss Tabby) uses the Cat Phone to call the girls. Mindy, a nurse; Molly, a flight attendant; and Madge, a waitress, are summoned to headquarters to hear about their latest mission. Morris explains to the girls about the missing gem and the famous archeologist, Cleevson Von Clumson, who discovered the rare find. He also informs the squad as to the clues found in the museum: sprinkles, frosting, and chocolate chips. This could only be the work of a villainous cat named Cookie Puss! As dangerous as he could be, the Glam Kitties are not afraid. Using the Power of Glam, they promise to solve the case (“We Got This”).

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the city, Cookie Puss arrives in his secret bakery-lair (“Beware!”). The impatient villain informs his two thugs, Mittens and Boots, to be sure and hide the Bespinkled Pink Eye Thing-A-Ma-Bippy in a place where it will never be found! (“The Brittle Bamboo Bush from Bimini”).

The Glam Kitty Squad learns archeologist Von Clumson is coming to the museum to retrieve his rare find. What will he do when he discovers it missing??? The girls head to the museum and find him already there! They give him the bad news about the stolen Bippy, but he has worse news!!! Von Clumson announces he’s discovered the ancient gem must be returned to its original tomb. Failure to bring the Bippy back may mean the end of the world! Now, the Glam Kitty Squad must work even harder to find Cookie Puss! (“Dig Deeper”).

Boots and Mittens have buried the Bippy under the bamboo bush as instructed. But a little kitty cat named Sweetie Pie is found digging up the jewel! The two thugs catch her in a large bag and bring her to Cookie Puss. But when Cookie Puss opens the bag, he gets a bigger surprise— the Glam Kitty Squad! Mister Morris provides save return of little Sweetie Pie, and the case of the missing Thing-A-Ma-Bippy is solved. But before the squad takes him away, he offers them a tasty treat— fresh baked cookies. They’re irresistible! When the girls taste the cookies, they fall instantly to sleep. Cookie Puss grabs the Bippy in victory as the lights fade on the first act.

Act II

The second act opens with a quick recap (“Glam Kitty Theme Song Reprise”). Cookie Puss continues to celebrate his success in defeating the Kitty Squad. He also reveals that he is, indeed, not Cookie Puss! He is actually Professor Von Clumson disguised as Cookie Puss so that he may be the sole keeper of the Bippy! But all is lost as the Glam Kitty Squad revive and stop him with their magical ‘kitty glitter'!

Just as they are about to turn him over to the authorities, Sweetie Pie enters with an empty birdcage. Her pet canary is missing. Worse yet, Mister Morris arrives to announce canaries have gone missing throughout the city! (“Someone is Stealing All the Canaries!”).

The Glam Kitty Squad, aided by Miss Tabby, come to the conclusion it is none but a villain called Fraidy Cat (“Fraidy Cat”) who would attempt to steal these sweet birdies. And they are correct! But he’s a slippery character who is afraid of his own shadow.

Can the squad actually find him? (“Missing Birds and Empty Cages”).

Finally, the squad makes a plan! They locate an abandoned canary shop and Miss Tabby disguises herself as the owner in hopes to lure him into a trap.

Fraidy cat and his sidekick Thugsy arrive at the shop (“Kalico Kitty’s Kozy-Wozy Kanary Koop”). Miss Tabby plays along as the Glam Kitties pretend to be customers. When Fraidy Cat makes his move, Miss Tabby surprises the squad by stopping him with kitty glitter! It seems she has the Power of Glam, too! Morris arrives with Sweetie Pie, who gets her canary back, and Miss Tabby is welcomed as an official member of the Glam Kitty Squad! (“Glam Kitty Squad Theme Song Finale”).

And the city of Murgatroyd is again at peace. For now!


Campy take-offs and a game of Clue gone wild. Truly a laugh-a-minute show!

–Balcony and Beyond


Tour Guide* – Female. An educated cat who works for the Murgatroyd Museum.

Morris – Male. A private investigator cat who leads the Glam Kitty Squad.

Miss Tabby* – Female. His ‘dippy’ assistant who longs to be a Glam Kitty.

Mindy – Female. Nurse by day, crime-stopping cat by night! Smart and intuitive.

Molly – Female. Sky hostess by day, crime-stopping cat by night! Curious and inquisitive.

Madge – Female. Waitress by day, crime-stopping cat by night! She’s the funny one!

Cookie Puss – Male. A villainous cookie loving cat. He disguises himself as a British archeologist later in the play.

Boots – One of his thugs.

Mittens* – Female. Another one of his thugs.

Professor Von Clumsum – Male. A famous British archeologist cat who is actually Cookie Puss in disguise!

Kindly Mama Cat* – Female. A kindly Mama cat.

Sweetie Pie – Female. A sweet little girl kitty.

Fraidy Cat – Male. A villainous canary thief cat who is afraid of everything.

Thugsy – His thug.

*Casting Note: In the original production, these roles were played by one actor, but it can be played by four actors, if desired. There is also the opportunity of adding an ensemble for ‘crowd scenes,’ if desired.

Setting: All around the bustling city of Murgatroyd.

  1. Glam Kitty Squad Theme
  2. We Got This
  3. Beware!
  4. The Brittle Bamboo Bush From Bimini
  5. Dig Deeper
  6. Glam Kitty Squad Theme (Reprise)
  7. Someone Is Stealing All The Canaries
  8. Fraidy-Cat
  9. Missing Birds And Empty Cages
  10. Kalico Kitty’s Kozy-Wozy Kanary Koop
  11. Glam Kitty Squad (Finale)

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“A treat for the whole family.” –New Haven Register

“A laugh-a-minute show for audiences of all ages to enjoy.” –Bonnie’s Blog

“Ridiculously entertaining.” –Kids Out and About

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