FriedM1: Out There on Fried Meat Ridge Rd.


FM1-Out There on Fried Meat
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This is the first play in the FRIED MEAT Series!

Discounted rates available when any of the Fried Meat Trilogy is produced together.

Things could not get any worse for Mitchell, who just lost his girlfriend, his apartment, and his job at the local spork factory. With nowhere to go, he answers an ad for a roommate and finds himself in a West Virginia countryside motel with JD, an affable hillbilly of mysterious origins. Soon JD’s neighbors— curmudgeonly Flip, meth-head Marlene, and her hot-tempered boyfriend Tommy— have all but taken over the tiny room. When this zany group find themselves in a brief hostage situation, Mitchell must decide to save himself or join this dysfunctional family and let his freak-flag fly.



Mitchell, a man down on his luck, wanders out a dark country road in West Virginia to answer an ad for a roommate. He comes upon the Mohigan Arms, a run-down motel. There he meets JD, an affable hillbilly of mysterious origin, excited to welcome a new friend and roomie. Although the motel is filled with maniacs like Marlene, the meth-head painter, her boyfriend Tommy, a hot-headed transplant from New Jersey, and Flip, the curmudgeonly property owner, Mitchell is just desperate enough to consider settling in. That is until he finds out that his new roommate thinks himself to be a genetically-modified progeny of the Divine. Before Mitchell can decide if he wants to stick this out, he is thrown into a hostage situation and finds himself the target of a jealous Tommy. It’s a harrowing crisis that JD tries to defuse through kindheartedness, and when that fails, through dance. In the end, two people find what they need: a friend. The final moment of the play reveals JD’s provenance in a hilarious and astonishing way.


There's more expensively cast and staged plays elsewhere in the West End. There are very few, however, with this combination of imaginative script, beautifully filled out characters and a sense of pure dignity.

–TheatreMonkey, UK


JD – 25-40. Long-haired, bearded bumpkin. He is kind, has an enthusiasm for life, and a genuine love for his fellow man. He is at times dim, but at the same time incredibly wise. (JD’s age is not as important as the tenderness of his heart.)

Mitchell – 25-35. A straight man type. Originally from Maine, he moved to West Virginia with his girlfriend for a job. Now unemployed and kicked out of his home, he is desperate to find a place to live. He is more than uncomfortable with the outlandish occupants of the Mohigan Arms, but he doesn’t have any other options.

Marlene – 25-35. JD’s next door neighbor. She is a painter, a meth addict, and the owner of an incredibly quick temper. She is a mess, but has a fire in her belly that is undeniably attractive.

Tommy – 25-40. Marlene’s live-in boyfriend. Tommy hails from New Jersey, but originally moved to West Virginia to study poetry at the local agricultural school. He is part philosopher, part ruffian. He is the gasoline to Marlene’s fire. It’s a bad mix.

Flip – 65 to 80. The owner of the Mohigan Arms. He holds a black belt in folksy racism. Crotchety, grouchy, and suspicious of most, especially strangers. But every once in a while you might catch him revealing a soft spot for JD.

Casting Note: Role of Flip can be cast Female; change name to Bunny.

Setting: JD’s shabby and cluttered room at The Mohigan Arms, a motel in the backwoods of Mineral County, West Virginia.

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"There shouldn't need to be a word for kindness, is the beautiful guiding philosophy of gentle JD (Keith Stevenson, in his own play). This warm-hearted actor / writer gives us an humane, deeply human and frequently hilarious hour or so of pure American entertainment. The pay-off alone is worth the ticket price, but there are only things to love until it happens and the whole work resolves with the sudden clarity of a "Magic Eye" picture.” TheatreMonkey, UK

“This is a play that will have you laughing nonstop. It will also touch your heart…” Examiner.com

“This play will have you laughing nonstop.” –The Examiner

"Delightfully quirky comedy…a sharply executed, excellent production.” –Stage Raw

“…one of the funniest shows I’ve witnessed in a long time…the cast is absolutely amazing under the direction of Guillermo Cienfuegos. This is a laugh-a-minute play that never calms down...” –Stage Happenings

“…Out There on Fried Meat Ridge Rd. is so entertaining that I’ve seen it not once …but twice." –LA Examiner 

“Playwright Keith Stevenson has a way with words and a cockeyed view of the world.” –Stage & Cinema

"Hysterically funny tableaux.” –Stage and Cinema

"The cast is pure gold.” –Will Call   

“Audiences can’t seem to get enough.” –The Argonaut

“Original, brilliant comedy… Keith Stevenson, writer and lead actor, is one of the funniest writers in LA. If this doesn't become an acclaimed comedy series on Showtime or HBO, I’d be very surprised. It’s witty. It’s got a great cast, and it’s only an hour…perfect for television! Come on producers…now’s your chance!" –KPCC Los Angeles, Hettie Lynn Hurtes

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