FriedM2: A Fried Meat Christmas
A Fried Meat Christmas
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This is the second play in the FRIED MEAT Series!

Discounted rates available when any of the Fried Meat Trilogy is produced together.

The Fried Meat gang is back for the holidays! JD plans to prepare a special Christmas dinner for Mitchell using what he assumes is a book of delicious recipes: The Anarchist Cookbook. When an unexpected newcomer arrives in search of a meal, things take a troubling turn, and for the first time in his life, JD experiences a crisis of faith. The entire gang scrambles to restore JD’s Christmas spirit and ring in the holidays hillbilly-style.


It’s Christmas Eve at the Mohigan Arms. JD, hoping to make Christmas dinner for his roomie, mistakenly checks out the Anarchist Cookbook from the library. Suddenly, a friendly stranger, Chad, shows up at the motel. Mitchell makes fast friends with Chad, who unintentionally debunks JDs understanding of Christmas. JD falls into a crisis of both faith and identity.

Flip is suspicious of Chad, thinking he might be a government agent. That seems preposterous to Mitchell, until Chad starts asking questions about JD. Shortly thereafter, Tommy shows up at the motel, having escaped from prison. He and Marlene have a final explosive showdown about their relationship.

JD’s friends scramble to restore his spirit and possibly save him from being apprehended by the FBI. The play affirms the alimental powers of friendship and presents a skewed but heartwarming take on Christmas. In the end, we get a miraculous confirmation of JD’s divine lineage.


…every bit as hilarious as the prequel…

–Stage Happenings


JD – 25-40. Long-haired, bearded bumpkin. He is kind, has an enthusiasm for life, and a genuine love for his fellow man. He is at times dim, but at the same time incredibly wise. (JD’s age is not as important as the tenderness of his heart.)

Mitchell – 25-35. A straight man type. Originally from Maine, he moved to West Virginia with his girlfriend for a job. He answered an ad to bunk with JD earlier in the year. While he has become accustomed to the lunacy of the Mohigan Arms, he is no less unnerved by it.

Marlene – 25-35. JD’s next door neighbor. She is a painter, a former meth addict and the owner of an incredibly quick temper. She has been attending anger management classes and is clean of drugs, but the pot is bound to boil.

Tommy – 25-40. Marlene’s former boyfriend. Tommy has been in prison for the kidnapping and resisting arrest episode in the first installment of the Fried Meat Trilogy. A hot head, a poet, a thug, and a romantic.

Flip – 65 to 80. The owner of the Mohigan Arms. He holds a black belt in folksy racism. Crotchety, grouchy, and suspicious of most, especially strangers. But every once in a while you might catch him revealing a soft spot for JD. Flip is especially alarmed by Chad’s presence because he’s got some less-than-legal stuff out in the shed. (See casting note below.)

Chad – 21-35. A friendly, clean cut stranger who rents a room for the night at the motel. He tells Mitchell he is travelling from Maine. They instantly bond through shared experience. He unintentionally sends JD into a tailspin by telling him that Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th. The rest of the gang are unsure if he might be a government agent here to bust JD on suspicion of terroristic acts.

2 or 3 Children – Ages 5-10. Darling carolers who play a sweet counterpoint to Flip’s sourness.

Casting Note: Role of Flip can be cast Female; change name to Bunny.

Setting: JD’s and Mitchell’s shabby room at The Mohigan Arms, a motel in the backwoods of Mineral County, West Virginia.

Keith Stevenson is a proud native of Keyser, West Virginia and a proud resident of Los Angeles, California. He was nominated for the 2012 Ovation Award for Playwriting of an Original Play for Out There on Fried Meat Ridge Rd. He is a long-time member of Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice, CA where The Fried Meat Trilogy was developed and originally produced. He has also written for several film projects, including the holiday favorite In the A.M. of Dec. 26th at Mickey's (on the Corner of Cunningham & Kongosak in Barrow).

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"…every bit as hilarious as the prequel…this is a laugh-a-minute play that never calms down…” –Stage Happenings

“…original brilliant comedy…Keith Stevenson, writer and lead actor, is one of the funniest writers in L.A. If this doesn’t become an acclaimed comedy series on Showtime or HBO, I’d be very surprised. It’s witty. It’s got a great cast, and it’s only an hour…perfect for television! Come on producers….now’s your chance!” –Hettie Lynne Hurtes, KPCC

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