Fintastic Finn


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Swim into Plankton Place and meet Finn, a very special fish who has fingers instead of fins! Join Finn on an epic adventure to save his school from Lady Pesca DeFiske and her evil minions, who are planning the ultimate fish chowder, and discover that what ultimately makes you different makes you… you!


Finn and the newly arrived Flounders acclimate to their new surroundings in Plankton Place, an underwater habitat where all fish coexist harmoniously.

Finn is a perfectly normal fish except for the fact that Finn is finless. Instead of fins, Finn has fingers. Finn’s parents consult Dr. Fishbein on a cure, but he reassures them that Finn is absolutely fine the way Finn is.

Meanwhile the evil head of a Fish conglomerate, Lady Pesca DeFiske laments the lousy sales and yearns for a new item to conquer the fish industry. She concocts the perfect solution: the ultimate fish chowder that includes all fish!

Finn arrives at his new school. Unfortunately, the other fish are not too keen on Finn’s finless appearance and decide to mock and tease the fact that Finn has fingers. Hurt and offended, Finn runs away and arrives at the Forbidden Lagoon.

Lady Pesca Defiske is visited by Doctor Knettles, who has created the largest fishing next in existence. The net is the perfect size to entrap all the citizen of Plankton Place and turn them into soup!

In the Forbidden Lagoon, Finn meets and is cheered up by a motley group of sea creatures, ranging from a Sea Cucumber to Lawrence The Whelk, who convince Finn that maybe they’re all just “too cool for school.” Full of new found self-confidence, Finn sets for home.

Finn is interrupted by the sounds of screams of despair. The entire population of Plankton Place is ensnared by Lady Pesca’s gigantic net. The holes are too small for any fish to swim through. But not all is lost! Finn after all is finless and has… fingers!

Finn pulls and stretches the net so all the fish can escape the clutches of chowder doom!

In honor of saving the entire town, the mayor declares that henceforth this particular date shall always be Fintastic Finn day. They all celebrate.


FINTASTIC FINN was a huge hit with our summer camps. The audience loved it too! Lots of up-tempo numbers that are memorable and fast paced action that ensured siblings and parents had as much fun attending the show as the kids did putting it on!

–Cape Fear Regional Theatre Artistic Director

The Fish:

Finn: an undersized flounder with fingers instead of fins.

Mr. Phineas Flounder: Finn’s father.

Mrs. Phinola Flounder: Finn’s mother.

Mayor Pearl Von Oyster: the mayor of Plankton Place.

Dr. Fishbein (“bein” rhymes with shine): a doctor.

Holly The Mackerel

Sean or Shawna The Shrimp

Angelo or Angie The Angler

Tina or Tony The Tuna

Sam or Samantha The Snapper

Manny or Mandy The Manatee

Mr. Hyman: the hermit crab.

Hudson: a Rock.

Lawrence: the Whelk.

Pickles: a sea cucumber.

Tad: a starfish.

Goggles The Clownfish

The Humans:

Lady Pesca Defiske: the evil owner of a Fish Product factory.

Mr. Gluttman: Lady Pesca’s henchman.

Miss O’Greedy: Lady Pesca’s henchman.

Madame Lagobbler: Lady Pesca’s henchman.

Professor Knettles: a scientist.

Note: This show can be done with a cast between 8-22. Doubling/tripling is completely welcomed. All characters are gender-fluid and you should feel free to cast according to your needs and to make adjustments accordingly. Feel free to create additional fish characters as extra ensemble. Also all solos are suggested unless specifically assigned.

Setting: In and around Plankton Place; an underwater town

  1. Plankton Place
  2. Chowder
  3. Fish Fingers
  4. Finn's Ballad
  5. Too Cool for School
  6. Fantastic Finn

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“Fintastic Finn was a huge hit with our summer camps. There were plenty of roles for a cast that ranged from 25-40 campers! Lots of short scenes kept the young actors engaged and every camper got a chance to shine. The audience loved it too! Lots of up-tempo numbers that are memorable and fast paced action that ensured siblings and parents had as much fun attending the show as the kids did putting it on! It also has a wonderful message of acceptance and celebrating what makes you different.

Cape Fear Regional Theatre paired this show with Disney's The Little Mermaid, which was our 10-14 y/o camp. This allowed us to provide our younger campers leading roles in a shorter/different show—without having to switch over a set.” –Cape Fear Regional Theatre Artistic Director

Materials: Digital Materials are provided via email as downloadable PDF files for you to print in-house. All materials are yours to keep! No deposits, no returns.

Required production materials for FINTASTIC FINN:

  • Cast Scripts
  • Vocal Books
  • Director's Script
  • Stage Manager's Script
  • Orchestrations
  • Piano/Vocal Score

Production resources:

  • Performance Tracks
  • Rehearsal Tracks
  • Reference Recording