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Everything is Super Great
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A typical day in the life of Tommy involves triple shot lattes, pining over the manager at Starbucks, and arson at Applebee’s. Such distractions are therapeutic when your older brother has been missing for months and your mom won’t stop force-feeding you Pop Tarts. But when a well-meaning, if somewhat dysfunctional “art therapist” shows up on his doorstep, Tommy must finally face his loss. Everything is Super Great explores the different ways we cope with grief, and how letting someone in helps us with letting something go.


Tommy is nineteen years old, he lives with his sweet, overbearing mom Anne and just started working at the local Starbucks, where he’s in love with the Assistant Manager Alice, after recently getting fired from Applebee’s because of an “incident” where he almost burned it down.

Worried about the Applebee’s incident, Anne decides to get her son Tommy an anger management therapist to see. When Tommy shows up for his first therapy session though, he learns that his mother has actually gotten him a meeting with an art therapist named Dave who attempts to get Tommy to paint his feelings. As Dave, who is a hopeless beginner when it comes to therapy sessions, tries to get Tommy to open up about what happened, we learn that Tommy’s older brother has been missing six months, which is one of the reasons Tommy still lives at home…he’s waiting for him to return.

In a late-night re-stocking session with his Assistant Manager Alice that leads to them smoking weed together Tommy learns that Alice dropped out of college to come back home and take care of her mom. When Alice goes home that night to find that her mother has wandered off while she was at work, Tommy arrives at her home to help her look for her, only to be spurned by Alice for intruding on her life.

Meanwhile as Tommy and Dave’s therapy sessions continue, Tommy learns that Dave is likewise waiting for someone to return, his (possibly ex-) girlfriend Rachel. So Tommy helps his therapist figure out where Rachel went by using his online sleuthing skills – skills he’s developed in his quest to find his brother.

As Christmas nears, Tommy’s mom wants to do something special for her son, but when she gets Dave to help her create an art project for her and Tommy, it brings up a lot of painful things Tommy hasn’t wanted to confront about his brother.


It is a poignant, entertaining show that portrays real people honestly and empathetically.



Tommy – 19. Male. A youthful computer nerd who’s in love with his assistant manager at Starbucks and close with his mom.

Anne – 40s-50s. Female. Sweet and sarcastic and lonely. Her children are her world and she’d do anything for them, which sometimes means she steps clear over their boundaries.

Alice – 21. Female. Extremely overworked and exhausted all the time. She has no patience to sugarcoat or be nice about anything.

Dave – mid-late 30s. Male. Has crippling self-esteem issues, but always tries to make the best out of every situation and put a smile on his face. Is bad at most things.

Setting: Small Town Texas. The present.

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“Everything Is Super Great tempers its dark humor with hope and empathy. And it never condescends to its characters: Trapped in a suburban wasteland of chain stores and compromises, these people may not be destined for glory, but they're worthy of our attention and our tears.” —Time Out NY

“The production is a lovely thing to behold.” —Theatrescene.net

“Feelings of love and affection are quite prevalent in Everything Is Super Great. What’s rarer is characters’ courage to express those feelings to those who most need to hear them. When that does happen, we sit up straight, pay attention and find ourselves moved.” —Theatrescene.net

“With both humor and insight into human nature, Everything is Super Great manages to be sweet without being insipid, a refreshing departure from the usual Holiday fare.” —Front Row Center

“Brown’s look at four troubled lonely people struggling to cope is quietly mordantly funny, but the humor is infused into underlying poignancy and compassion.” —Florida Theater On Stage

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