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Deer Camp
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Four buddies are enjoying their annual deer hunting trip, but this year is different. After 15 years of them coming home with nothing but a hangover, their wives have given them an ultimatum: bag a deer or your deer camp days are over. Only one hurdle stands in their way— none of them know how to hunt. Do they buy one? Steal one? Could they possibly try to… shoot one? With this wacky troop, it seems the only ones safe in the woods are the deer, but with song and dance, a bit of chance, and some audience interaction, their prayers are answered just as they run out of beer.


Act I

The story begins as Doogski, Diesel, and Moose, along with their mortician pal, Digger, are slowly waking up on the last day of their annual week at the shack and are about to go through the most unforgettable day of their lives.

Starting with a slightly fuzzy recollection of the night before, Doogski and Digger break into an off-key version of “We Sang Too Much Again,” which provides a great clue as to how these self-named mighty hunters solve all their problems.

After Diesel is grunting and groaning as he struggles to move, and then a somewhat successful attempt of trying to pry Moose off his comfort spot on the floor, the four ‘Beerheads’ dig into a he-man’s breakfast of yeast, barley, and hops. It’s all they have, after a peek into their refrigerator reveals something rancid that will take “A River of Brew” to wash down.

Now the threat from their wives to “bring home something besides a hangover or no more hunting trips” sinks into their fog-filled craniums, and they shift into panic mode as they realize they’re without a plan to fulfill their destiny and save their prized hunting shack.

A quick suggestion by Moose to “go out and shoot one” is answered with the rousing “We’re Mighty Hunters” song. Well, that’s never going to happen with these guys.

The similarity of suggestions by Moose and Diesel give rise to the possibility that they’re related or, as Moose explains, “Diesel married my neighbor’s wife, Darlene, so now he’s my brother-in-law.” Diesel sets the record straight with the very confusing “What A Mess” song.

Still without a plan to save their shack, it’s realized a full stomach may help them think more clearly. Digger provides a money-saving coupon as they all compare being married to “Coupon Clipping Ladies.”

It’s finally time to head out the door and get some lunch. Nope. It’s still too early. Instead, a lively discussion is held on what it would be like to be stuck in the shack in a blizzard and just who would you like to have with you if you were snow-bound. It becomes daydream time as they all sit back and sing “A Special Place for Us.”

Now they leave for lunch.

Act II

After a disastrous lunch at ‘Bob and Betty’s Beer, Bait and Bullets,’ they slowly trickle back into the shack while Moose explains why he is nursing a bleeding nose. Realizing all may be lost and they may never come back, they discuss what the future will bring. Digger, being the bachelor of the gang, explains why he never married his dream gal from college with “She’s Different Somehow.”

Distraught, the guys try to relax and serenely enjoy their last hours in their beloved shack, only to be interrupted by the blast of a grunt horn. This raspy sound reminds them of a sound all men can make without the use of a horn, simply by using body functions to produce their own “Grunt Horn Song.”

A discussion about what their wives are doing while they’re gone to the shack lets Doogski sound off with a soft-shoe styled song, “She’s Playing Bingo,” and sets up Moose to share how Elsie spends her days alone.

This leads into the crowd-pleasing "Male Dancers,” and the guys attempt to musically show their stuff.

It’s time for one final toast and to leave the shack forever, when their worst disaster strikes... They run out of beer! Moose is sent, begrudgingly, on a beer run, and thanks to an earlier buck-scent accident and an old hard-starting pick-up truck, he scares a deer right through the wall of the shack. Problem solved, deer caught, and they joyfully close with the “The Mighty Hunter Reprise."


The very best way to introduce theatre to someone who likes fishing, hunting and football.

–Twin Cities Daily Planet


Doogski – Manages local Hardware Store, knowledgeable, and down-to-earth when discussing situations. Owns a closet full of plaid shirts.

Digger – Elwood’s only mortician and the only bachelor in the group, but would like to be married. Short or thin or both in stature.

Diesel – A former Army tank mechanic and now running the “Maybe-We-Can-Fix-It” service station. Always dressed in military fatigues.

Moose – Big body, small brain, has no fear of anything except his wife, and she really scares him. Most likely a double or triple X size in clothing.

Setting: A hunting cabin in the woods outside of the small Midwestern town of Elmwood.

  1. Sang Too Much Again
  2. A River Of Brew
  3. We’re Mighty Hunters
  4. What A Mess
  5. Coupon Clipping Ladies
  6. A Special Place
  7. She’s Different Somehow
  8. Grunt Horn Song
  9. She’s Playing Bingo
  10. Male Dancers
  11. Mighty Hunter Reprise

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“You’ll laugh your antlers off.” –South Milwaukee Now

“Take four buddies from Elmwood, mix in plenty of cold beer, lots of songs, and a hunting shack, and the only ones safe in the woods are the deer!” –Twin Cities Daily Planet

“An entertaining and humorous spoof.” –Twin Cities Daily Planet

“This might be the very best way to re-introduce theatre to someone who likes fishing, hunting and football more than attending a musical or play.” –Twin Cities Daily Planet

“This musical is all about men having fun together.” –Lavender Magazine

“Before you assume that a musical about hunting is not for you, Deer Camp takes a look at what really happens when the men go hunting Up North.” –Lavender Magazine

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