Daddy Mack


Daddy Mack
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Marty’s hot online relationship with the Australian he affectionately calls “Daddy Mack” is turned on its head after he decides to fly across the ocean to visit him. Marty’s fantasy is punctured, however, when his leap of faith is thwarted and Daddy Mack turns out not to be what he seemed on-line. 


Marty, a young gay man in the United States, has an online relationship with “Daddy Mack,” an older man in Australia. Marty video-messages Mack to tell him that he just received an inheritance and now has the money to fly to Australia and visit. Mack tells him not to come, and Marty gets upset. Mack confessed that he’s married. Marty still wants to come, thinking that Mack is married to another man. Mack tells Marty that’s he’s married to a woman, and Marty lashes out. Mack states that their online relationship was just “sexy fun,” but Marty professes his love for Mack. Mack tells him to find a real “Daddy,” not somebody on a computer screen. Marty asks for Mack’s real name. “Mack” refuses. Mack’s wife calls him to check in, and Marty hears the conversation.  Mack asks him not to call again and Marty hangs up. Immediately, Mack’s computer gets another incoming call. Mack shuts it off.


Marty  American, low 20s.
Mack – Australian, late 40s.
Cheryl – Australian (voice).

Setting: An online video chat forum, such as FaceTime or Zoom.

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