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Craving for Travel
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Gary and Joanne, rival travel agents and former spouses, are vying for their industry’s most prestigious honor: the Globel Prize. With their reputations on the line, they’ll tackle any request, no matter how impossible, and any client, no matter how unreasonable. Full of overzealous travelers, overbooked flights, and hoteliers who are just over it, this Off-Broadway hit is a "bottomless suitcase of zany characters" that reminds us why we travel… and everything that can happen when we do.



A rare theatrical endeavor. The gags are nonstop!

–The New York Times

Highly comedic. Lots of tender, emtional moments, too.

-DC Metro Theater Arts


Casting Note: Craving for Travel was originally written to be performed by one male actor and one female actor playing all the roles. At schools and other institutions where there is a desire to engage larger casts, the play may be performed with anywhere from 2 to 31 actors.

Gary Bolton – male, 40s-50s. A successful travel agent who’s attempting to get out from under his mother’s thumb. After years in the business, he’s confident there’s no situation or client too difficult for him to handle. The actor who plays Gary also plays 15 additional roles of varying ages, genders and nationalities— including outlandish clients and unscrupulous vendors. Must be adept at creating bold characters and switching between them seamlessly.

The actor who plays Gary also plays the following roles:

  • Boris Yermolai – (40s-50s, male) A new-money Russian, humorless.
  • Carl Penn – (30s-50s, male) A guilty businessman who’s trying to win back his travel agent after a failed bout with Travelocity.
  • Cliff Fraser – (40s-50s, male) The dashing and charming owner of Fraser Medical. A George Clooney-type.
  • Debbie – (50s, female) A good-natured employee at Atlantic Air.
  • Dominic Domingo – (30s, male) Castilian, a standard case of gay-or-European.
  • General Bradley – (50s, male) A four-star general at the Defense Department, no-nonsense.
  • Glen Dennis – (30s, male) A slimy travel agent and shameless name-dropper, Gary and Joanne’s rival.
  • Henry Himmelbaum – (40-50s, male) Very overweight, very defensive.
  • Intrepid Red – (20s-30s, male) A low-level clerk at the museum on the U.S.S. Intrepid.
  • Madison Keebler – (20s, female) Heiress to the Keebler cookie fortune, into partying and vindictiveness.
  • Miriam St. Cloud – (50s-60s, female) A dotty society woman with a penchant for lapdogs.
  • Priscilla – (30s, female) An Australian hotel clerk, patient to a point.
  • Tripp Walker – (early 20s, male) Joanne’s intern, wide-eyed and overeager, Jack McBrayer on 30 Rock.
  • Wade Buttersworth – (60s, male) A senior senator, confident and Southern.
  • Walt Davenport – (60s, male) A successful shipping magnate, knows what he wants and when he wants it.

Joanne Pierce – female, 40s-50s. The owner of Jetaway Getaways and Gary’s ex-wife. A friendly and ambitious business woman who’s not afraid to occasionally bend the rules. A bit less patient than Gary but a romantic at heart— trying to save her business and find love— no biggie. The actor who plays Joanne also plays 14 additional roles of varying ages, genders, and nationalities— including outlandish clients and unscrupulous vendors. Must be adept at creating bold characters and switching between them seamlessly.

The actor who plays Joanne also plays the following roles:

  • Atlantic Air (V.O.) – (No age, female) Soothing voice that encourages people to remain on hold.
  • Barbara Morris – (80s, female) A gentle, elderly woman hoping to take one final trip with her husband.
  • Demont – (30s, male) A Jamaican vendor who doesn’t know when to stop.
  • Dolores Bolton – (70s, female) Gary’s mother, a battle ax.
  • Gertrude Marcus – (60s, female) Bolton Travel’s oldest, wealthiest client. She’s never heard the word “no.”
  • Helen Rosenstock – (40s, female) A mother of quintuplets, enjoys her adult beverages (a.k.a. soused).
  • Jeb – (30s, male) A traveler who doesn’t know geography and doesn’t know he doesn’t know it.
  • Kathleen Schwartz – (20s, female) A jittery newlywed.
  • Patti Lupone – (female) Herself.
  • Seth – (20s-30s, male) A flamboyant clerk at Maui’s most exclusive resort.
  • Sheik Al Karam Al Ekim – (30s-40s, male) A businessman from Dubai, wealthy, royal, and confident.
  • Shelby Earp – (40s, female) A theater aficionado from Minnesota, thinks the pinnacle of Western culture is Cats.
  • Simon Stankevic – (30s, male) The head of Lithuanian tourism. He’s friendly and persistent, but not particularly fluent in English.
  • Sojourner Angelou King – (30s-40s, female) A woman of grand heritage who wishes to explore it grandly.

Setting: The Offices of Bolton Travel and Jetaway Getaways

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Craving for Travel is a comedy with heart performed by two hyper-talented actors.” –New York Post

“A rare theatrical endeavor.” –The New York Times

“So funny! Craving for Travel packs laughs!” –Daily News

“The jokes are a mile a minute!” –Time Out NY

“A wild ride!” –The New Yorker

“A fun, light-hearted romp!” –Show Business Weekly

“Delicious! Craving for Travel has all the ingredients that have made hits of Parks and Recreation, Veep, and Seinfeld.” –DC Theatre Scene

“A bottomless suitcase of zany characters!” –TheaterMania

“An absolute treat! Craving for Travel is a hilarious two-person show, and a genuine expression of the beauty of human interaction. Verry funny, heartfelt, and extremely entertaining!” –Exeunt Magazine

“A pleasant rumination around the world of travel.” –Show Business Weekly

“A new play shows, with wit and charm, why agents are invaluable to the clients they serve. Funny and amusing!” –Travel Market Report

“It is worth the trip to see this amazing new comedy by Greg Edwards & Andy Sandberg!” –White Rhino Report

“Guaranteed to pluck at your heartstrings and make you laugh uproariously, Craving for Travel offers a lot of fun!” –Epoch Times

“Freakily funny!” –Daily News

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