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Christmas Is Here Again
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The award-winning animated film Christmas Is Here Again comes to life on stage! A family-friendly musical in the vein of Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, this charming, heartfelt odyssey centers on a high-spirited and curious little orphan girl, Sophiana, who lives in a time where there is no Christmas. When Sophiana learns Santa’s enchanted toy sack was stolen by a nefarious elf, she sets out to find it and bring back Christmas! Incorporating a digital package of still and animated images created by Michael Giaimo, art director of the film Frozen, Christmas Is Here Again is sure to dazzle as well as entertain!


Act I

The playʼs ensemble appears, setting a tone of darkness and mystery. They tell of a once-a-year season of light and joy that, one fateful day, vanished, and of their fervent hope that it will one day return ("Prologue: That Time of Year Again"). A man steps forward and informs us, “Once there was a time when the children of the world had never heard of Christmas,” as we find ourselves in a classroom at St. Claireʼs Orphanage on December 24th, where kindly teacher Miss Victoria is leading the children in a recitation:

"As oft weʼve heard it told,

We must heed this tale of old—

In the long, dark shadows of December,

Hushed, preying on our fear,

The ʻDark Oneʼ lurks,

The ʻDark Oneʼ strikes—

Innocent ones disappear, year after year...”

The children reveal that, over the years, on this very day, several of St. Claireʼs orphans have gone missing, and thus it has become a day for children to stay indoors or risk disappearing themselves. The stern headmistress, Miss Dowdy, appears in the classroom to warn Miss Victoria and the children of the need to be vigilant on this day. Nonetheless, Miss Victoria encourages the children to look on the bright side, to close their eyes and ask themselves, “Who do I want to be?” and to dare to dream. Young Sophiana says she dreams of making the world a better place, and urges all the children to have special dreams of their own ("Itʼs Easy to Dream"). The classroom is transformed into a lively celebration of joyful dreaming— only to be interrupted by a very angry Miss Dowdy, who finds out that Sophiana was the instigator of the raucous fun and sends her to the Detention Room. As Sophiana makes her way there, she talks things over with her “friend,” her Mr. Caterpillar backpack. She expresses her wish to see a better world for herself, one in which sheʼd have a family of her own, and a better world for everyone ("Will I Ever See?"). Miss Dowdy suddenly appears, scolding Sophiana for talking to this “imaginary friend.” Sophiana protests, “But you have to believe.” Miss Dowdy, hearing these words, becomes very upset and orders her downstairs to sweep the cellar. In the dark, dusty old cellar, Sophiana discovers kindly old caretaker Nick, who is shoveling coal into the furnace; she tells him of her unpleasant encounter with Miss Dowdy. Nick, to lift her spirits, tells her a story: that not so long ago, this time of year was a time of great celebration, especially for children. It was, in fact, a day to celebrate the birth of a child that both common people and kings alike welcomed into the world. When Sophiana asks what happened to this special day, Miss Dowdy appears to stop their conversation, angrily sending Nick away and ordering Sophiana back to her task of sweeping. Left alone in the dark cellar, Sophiana pretends not to be scared, once again saying aloud, “You have to believe...” Suddenly, the cellar comes magically to life: Sophianaʼs broom turns into a glowing treetop Star, and out of the cupboard, floor, and ceiling burst forth a wreath, a stocking, tree ornaments, a nutcracker, and other symbols of Christmas, all embodied by dancers ("Spirit of Christmas Ballet"). As the dance reaches its climax, the cellar “disappears” as Sophiana is spirited away into the outside world. The objects, now “liberated,” escape, leaving Sophiana holding the Star at the edge of the Artic Forest. Alone and lost in a snowy wilderness, she sits on a mound of ice and begins to cry. Then she hears a distant moan, only to discover that there is a little man frozen in the ice. With the help of the magical Star, she frees the little man, Paul Rocco. He recognizes the Star— it was actually made by him a long time ago when he was Chief Elf in charge of making toys and decorations for the “big, jolly man in the red suit.” Sophiana has no idea what he is talking about. Astounded, Paul Rocco tries every language he can think of to make her understand ("The Great Santa Claus"). Sophiana suddenly realizes that everything Paul Rocco is saying must be connected to what Nick was telling her— of a special day of joy for children that only happens once a year. With the help of the Star, Sophiana rushes Paul Rocco back to St. Claireʼs to introduce him to Nick. Meanwhile, Miss Dowdy, Miss Victoria, and Nick are distraught by Sophianaʼs disappearance from the orphanage, fearing that she may be the latest victim of the “Dark One” ("Another One Lost"). Their fears are relieved as Sophiana re-appears with some exciting news. When she brings Paul Rocco in to meet Nick, the Chief Elf is thunderstruck when he recognizes Nick as Santa Claus and Miss Victoria as Mrs. Claus! It is a joyful reunion, and when Sophiana shows them the Star, the adults decide itʼs time for her to know of the secret theyʼve been keeping for 30 years, hoping that she might be “the innocent child who can set Christmas free” ("That Time of Year Again—Reprise"). Nick/Santa instructs Sophiana to raise up the magical Star, and soon we are transported back in time to Santaʼs Workshop on December 24th, 30 years ago ("Santa’s Workshop/ Snowflakes Falling"). Sophiana finds herself in the middle of a thriving, bustling, musical factory of elves happily making toys. Paul Rocco, Mrs. Claus, and Miss Dowdy attend to their Workshop tasks, and an elf in the corner carefully weighs lumps of coal on an old-fashioned set of scales. Sophiana observes it all, though she is not seen by anyone in the Workshop. Santa Claus makes a grand entrance and reminds everyone of the importance of believing in Christmas, and of the miracle of Santaʼs Enchanted Toy Sack. As the Toy Sack is revealed, high on a pedestal bathed in golden light, it is a reverential moment for everyone in the Workshop ("The Legacy"):

"...Made from the cloth that swaddled the child

The wise men sought from afar..."

Paul Rocco then announces that itʼs time for the checking of "The List"— a moment every year when Santa checks each name to see who has been “naughty or nice.” When the first “naughty” name is revealed, the coal-weighing elf, Master Krad, appears to present the lumps of coal that will go to all the “naughty” children, as has always been the tradition. But Santa protests, saying that Christmas is a time of forgiveness. Krad tries to dissuade him, but Santa proclaims that from then on there will be “no more coal!! Gifts for all on Christmas Day.” This delights everyone except Master Krad, who angrily storms out of the Workshop. Santaʼs reindeer enter in anticipation of their night flight around the world pulling Santaʼs sleigh ("Dance of the Reindeer"). When Santa calls for the Enchanted Toy Sack to be brought forth for his journey, Master Krad is revealed holding it, scornfully criticizing Santa for changing the rules and taking coal— and thus, the consequences— away from the naughty children on Christmas. Krad, in a rage, states that “Christmas, here and now, this very day, will completely and forever disappear!!!” ("The Curse"). Krad and the Enchanted Toy Sack vanish, Santaʼs Workshop dissolves, and we are returned to the present day in the Orphanage. Sophiana, dazzled and inspired by all she has seen in her vision of the past, tells the adults that she wants Christmas to come back for each of them and for all the children of the world. The adults protest that it is an impossible task, but a determined Sophiana believes that she can do it. So she and Paul Rocco, with their “guiding Star,” set out on a journey to find Krad and the Enchanted Toy Sack, and return Christmas to the world ("You Have to Believe").

Act II

The ensemble appears and tells of the dangerous, but hopeful, journey of Sophiana and Paul Rocco ("Prologue Act II—That Time of Year Again"). The two tired travelers appear, trudging through the snowy wilderness, neither of them exactly sure where they are or which way to go. When they notice mysterious tracks in the snow that seem to stop, then start up again a distance away, they begin to wonder if they are alone. Suddenly they hear a voice crying out apologies and warnings: it is Dart, a young reindeer, who falls from the sky and crash-lands at their feet. As it turns out, Dart is the grandson of Santaʼs reindeer Blitzen! But Dart was raised believing that the legends about flying reindeer and Christmas were just “old wivesʼ tales.” Sophiana and Paul Rocco tell Dart that Christmas is indeed real, and that they are on a mission to find the Enchanted Toy Sack and bring it back. Inspired by the story and wanting desperately to learn how to fly like Grandpa Blitzen, Dart joins the duo, and they proceed on their journey ("Itʼs Up to Us"). Unbeknownst to them, they are being watched by the evil Krad in his lair on high; he vows to stop them and prevent Christmas from ever returning ("Blessed Revenge!"). Some distance away, on a snowy mountain slope, Sophiana, Paul Rocco, and Dart travel on with determination... when suddenly a giant polar bear appears in their path! The frightened trio tries to run, but is soon clear that the polar bear— Charlee— is not at all dangerous and perhaps less courageous than any of them. Charlee is joined by his crafty partner in crime, Buster the artic fox, and Sophiana warily tells them of the trioʼs search for Krad. Buster tries to act nonchalant, but Charlee reveals that they are searching for a lost cave of jewels, and Busterʼs greediness becomes obvious as he is drawn to the glowing Star that Sophiana holds. He makes a deal with Sophiana: in exchange for Mr. Caterpillar the backpack, he will lead them to Kradʼs lair. Sophiana hands over Mr. Caterpillar, and as Buster starts to lead the group off, the Star begins to pull Sophiana wildly about in different directions and finally plunges into the snow. The earth begins to rumble and quake... a great chasm opens up... and the group of five travelers plummets into a large dark cavern. They seem to be trapped, but Buster becomes elated when he realizes they have fallen into The Lost Cave of Jewels! He begins collecting all the gems he can, loading them into the Mr. Caterpillar backpack, and gradually growing more obsessed and frenzied as he goes ("The Jewel Song"). In spite of the othersʼ warnings, Buster pops one last jewel out of the cavern wall, tripping an alarm with sirens and flashing lights. Recognizing that this cave was a trap all along, the group pleads with Buster to put the jewels back, but he greedily refuses. The ground opens up and all but Buster are trapped on a tiny island of earth floating on top of a river of molten lava. As Buster escapes, Sophiana, Paul Rocco, Dart, and Charlee teeter at the edge of the “lava falls” and eventually plunge into the fiery abyss below... We next see Krad, surrounded by his not-quite-human minions of the Underworld, the Selves; he is reveling in the demise of Sophiana and friends ("Blessed Revenge—Reprise"). He orders the Selves to “find that fox!!” The Selves disperse as Kradʼs triumphant laughter echoes throughout the Underworld. Then from a distance we hear cries and screams that turn into laughter and rejoicing as Dart flies in, towing Sophiana, Paul Rocco, and Charlee on their “island” behind him! They celebrate Dartʼs learning to fly and saving them all ("You Have to Believe—Flying Reprise"). Taking in their new surroundings, they come to the conclusion that they have reached Kradʼs Underworld and that the Enchanted Toy Sack must be nearby. Sophiana suddenly realizes that, in all the recent chaos, she has lost the Star! She resolves to use her intuition to lead the group in the right direction, as they proceed down a dark passageway, ending up in a cavernous Vault. In the center of the Vault is a large heap of dusty, sooty sacks filled with coal. Sophiana “knows” that the Enchanted Sack must be hidden here, and once again using her ever-strengthening resolve and intuition (and remembering her promise to Nick), the Enchanted Sack miraculously reveals itself. But after a moment of celebration, Sophiana’s intuition causes her to suspect that something is not quite right. Paul Rocco, ready to flee, hastily grabs the sack, only to find that Sophiana’s feeling was right, as the foursome is surrounded by Selves. Suddenly, Buster appears and leads them out of the Vault. They follow him right into another trap— Krad in his Throne Room with an army of Selves. Krad orders Paul Rocco to bring the Sack to him. Derisively mocking them all, Krad orders Buster to come forward... and surprises the others by praising him as a traitor to the other four. Buster is rewarded with the backpack full of jewels. Krad reveals that, with the Enchanted Toy Sack safely back in his possession, Sophiana’s little “save the world” adventure is over and, because of her, they can all bid farewell to Christmas… FOREVER!! ("Hereʼs to Krad!"). Now locked in the Dungeon, Sophiana fights back tears as Dart, Paul Rocco, and Charlee try to console her. Buster gloats over his backpack full of jewels, but when he opens it he discovers it is full of coal. Realizing that his own greed caused him to be betrayed by Krad, he apologizes to the group and returns the Mr. Caterpillar backpack to Sophiana. Just then, The Star flies into the Dungeon, dragging behind it an unsuspecting Self! Sophiana realizes the Star has come to save them! It “zaps” and knocks out the Selves who are guarding them, then knocks out the Self holding it. Sophiana grabs the Star, and the group starts to run away. But, at every turn, they are stopped by Selves, and suddenly there stands Krad, distressed at seeing the Star once again in Sophiana’s possession. He demands that she hand over the Star and, when she refuses, he commands the Selves to “destroy them if you must, but GET THAT STAR!!!” ("The Battle") ensues, raging on in the air and on the ground. The five friends fight the Selves valiantly, but in a climactic moment, Sophiana loses hold of the Star and it falls into Kradʼs hands. As Krad is about to destroy them all, there is a tense confrontation as Sophiana pleads for him to stop. Then, in an astonishing revelation, she tells him he was right— that the world needs balance and order, forgiveness and consequences; that Santa agreed with him and wanted to tell him all those years ago, but Krad disappeared. Sophiana and her friends begin to sing “You have to believe with all your heart.” Krad protests but, as the music swells, Sophiana reaches out and, on the word “heart,” touches Krad. The Star suddenly glows like never before and Krad, in spite of himself, is overcome by a wonderful new, almost-forgotten, feeling ("Rescuing Krad"). At the same moment, the Selves begin to transform into a group of innocent children— the ones who had disappeared from St. Claireʼs over the years. They are disoriented at first, as though coming out of a trance. But then they recognize Sophiana and realize she has saved them. The Enchanted Toy Sack and Star are returned to Sophiana, who leads a redeemed Krad and everyone else back to St. Claireʼs Orphanage. There, in a moment by herself, Sophiana talks to Mr. Caterpillar about their adventures, and realizes she still hasnʼt gotten the thing she most wishes for ("Itʼs Easy to Dream—Reprise"). A cheery Miss Dowdy comes to wish Sophiana a merry Christmas, and to tell her that Paul Rocco and Master Krad have been looking for her. As they start to leave, Mr. Caterpillar begins to wriggle and squirm on Sophianaʼs back. After a few moments of confusion, a beautiful butterfly emerges from where Mr. Caterpillar had been; this new “Mr. Butterfly” flies around the room and then flies off! Sophiana and Miss Dowdy join Paul Rocco and Master Krad in the Workshop. Soon Santa and Mrs. Claus enter, followed by Buster and Charlee with Dart on their shoulders, fresh from his first flight around the world pulling Santaʼs sleigh. It is a joyful reunion for all, and Santa reveals that a record number of gifts were delivered the world over, and “a goodly number of lumps of coal, as agreed.” Santa and Krad shake hands, once more allied with each other. Turning his attention to Sophiana, Santa confesses that he still doesnʼt know her Christmas wish. With encouragement from her friends, Sophiana tells Santa that the one thing she wishes for more than anything in the whole world is a family. Santa and Mrs. Claus reveal to her that what they wish for more than anything else is a little girl to call their own. After a moment of confusion, Sophiana realizes that they mean her! Embracing her new parents, Sophiana leads everyone in a celebration of the return of Christmas ("Christmas is Here Again"). All the children and Santaʼs elves bring in gifts to place under a beautifully decorated tree. As the ensemble sings a final rousing chorus, the tree lights up in brilliant fashion with Sophianaʼs Star on top— aglow with all the hope and joy of Christmas!


The magic of the season comes alive!

–Santa Maria Sun


Sophiana – (B3-G5) The heroine of the story; an orphan with a desire to make the world a better place for everyone.

Nick – (Bb2-G4) The friendly old caretaker at St. Claire’s; confidante to Sophiana; a keeper of the secret.

Miss Victoria – (A3-G5) The kindly Schoolmistress at St. Claire’s; married to Nick; a keeper of the secret.

Miss Dowdy – (F#3-G5) The stern Headmistress at St. Claire’s; also a keeper of the secret.

Krad – (G#2-E4) Santa’s business partner, in charge of coal for naughty children; an Elf of a darker order.

Paul Rocco – (Bb2-G4) The sprightly and spirited Chief Elf to Santa.

Buster, The Arctic Fox – (C#3-G4) A dapper, fast-talking con man; always looking out for himself.

Charlee, The Polar Bear – (F#3-F#4) Buster’s outwardly slower but inwardly wiser sidekick; he loves words.

Dart, The Reindeer – (Bb2-F4) The naive, young grandson of Blitzen. (Can also be played by a female.)

Chorus of Orphans, Elves, and Selves(S/A/T/B breakdown – Soprano Bb3-A5 (C6); Alto Bb3-F#5; Tenor Bb2-A4; Bass Ab2-F#4)

Suggested Doubling:

  • Amy / Elf / Self
  • Lottie / Elf / Self
  • Anne / Elf / Self
  • Rose / Elf / Self / Siobhan
  • Gabby / Elf / Self / Lizzie
  • Alexander / Elf / Self / Maximilian
  • Daniel / Elf / Self / Markus
  • William / Elf / Self / John
  • Simon / Elf / Self / Lawrence
  • Stewart / Elf / Self / James

Setting: Multiple locations along Sophiana’s journey

  1. Prologue - That Time of Year Again
  2. “The Dark One” Recitation
  3. It’s Easy to Dream
  4. Will I Ever See?
  5. The Great Santa Claus
  6. Another One Lost
  7. That Time of Year Again – Reprise
  8. Santa’s Workshop /Snowflakes Falling
  9. The Legacy
  10. The List
  11. The Curse
  12. You Have to Believe
  13. Entr'act: Prologue – That Time of Year Again
  14. It’s Up to Us
  15. Blessed Revenge!
  16. The Jewel Song
  17. Blessed Revenge! – Reprise
  18. Here’s to Krad
  19. The Battle
  20. It’s Easy to Dream – Reprise
  21. Christmas Is Here Again

Performance Royalties are based on theater particulars.

Billing responsibilities, pertinent copyright information, and playwrights' biographies are available in the show rider that comes with your license agreement.

“For over 25 years I have not been a fan of the Christmas season, but after seeing Christmas Is Here Again, I'm starting to believe again.” –Santa Maria Times

“An epic holiday adventure that can yield laughter and tears from the most heard-hearted Scrooge among us.”–Santa Maria Sun

“The magic of the season comes alive!” –Santa Maria Sun

“Heartwarming, sweet, and humorous!” –Santa Maria Times

“I dare anyone not to walk out humming!”Santa Maria Times

“Combining music, comedy, and drama this original story has something for everyone and captures the true holiday spirit.” –Dave Alley, KCOY Central Coast News

Christmas Is Here Again is a charming and optimistic tale with its hopeful message… It brought back several wonderful memories of when I was younger and loved the Christmas season. I’m starting to believe again.” –Santa Maria Times

“From dancing candy canes to Santa’s sleigh, the complete immersion into this magical holiday land is an ideal experience for families...” –Santa Maria Sun

“The original, new musical features a fantastical heroine’s journey that begins with the joyous spirit of the Christmas season, from a booming, jovial Santa Claus, to the starry-eyes orphan who hopes and believes in him.” –Santa Maria Sun

“It’s a very family-friendly, really heart-warming story… It really spells Christmas.” –The Tribune News - San Luis Obispo

“A family-friendly tale in the vein of Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer….” –The Tribune News - Sand Luis Obispo

“…with themes of leadership, teamwork and believing in oneself…it all boils down to a really sweet story.” –The Tribune News – San Luis Obispo

Materials: Digital Materials are provided via email as downloadable PDF files for you to print in-house. All materials are yours to keep! No deposits, no returns.

Required production materials for Christmas is Here Again:

  • Cast Scripts
  • Vocal Books
  • Director's Script
  • Stage Manager's Script
  • Orchestrations
  • Piano/Vocal Score


  • Piano
  • Keyboard 1
  • Keyboard 2
  • Bass
  • Percussion
  • Flute/Piccolo
  • Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
  • Bassoon
  • Oboe/English Horn
  • Trumpet 1
  • Trumpet 2
  • Trombone
  • Horn

Production resources:

  • Performance Tracks
  • Reference Recording – Audio recording for reference purposes only.
  • Sound FX