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There are 1,259,874 bartenders in the United States today. Meet six of them. Louis Mustillo (Mike & Molly, The Sopranos) brings you Bartenders: the ultimate tribute to the men who serve as friend, father, psychotherapist, and ego-booster to our cocktail-drinking nation. Every drink has a story. This sharply crafted exposé takes us into the worlds of these unique barkeeps to provide a stirring look at the joys and sorrows of stocking, cleaning, and serving up everything from Absinthe to Zinfandel. Go beyond the façade with this long-running Off-Broadway hit and discover what really happens behind the bar.



Skillfully blends humor with pathos—delivered with great flair.

–Los Angeles Times


Bobby – Bartender for 32 yrs. Knows the trade inside and out. Smart. In command. Tough, but not an asshole. Good guy who doesn’t fuck around. Like in the script, he’s giving this kid a shot. It’s 9:30am, Midtown, upscale establishment.

Richard – Good-hearted, sweet guy. If he didn’t bartend, he would be a writer or an artist. He is a bartender though and he’s quite fine with that. Loves New York more than anyone. He’s a good friend. Will do anything for you. Smart with his money but not cheap. He’s a romantic. He does not feel sorry for himself, even when he’s sad. It’s Christmas Eve and he’s tipsy, but not drunk. It’s 3am, 8th Ave Saloon.

Patty – NUTS, FUN, ODD. LOUD. Great bartender. Proud of his standing as a lifer bartender. Likes to get stoned, but far from your hippie, stoner type. Finds Joe Friday, hotdogs, broads, and tips all fascinating. It’s after his shift. 3rd Ave. (Works at Smith & Woliensky Grill, 49th & 3rd Ave, Mon–Thurs, 7pm – 2am.)

Benny – Old Time Queens bartender. Works at a corner saloon since 1977. Before that, another corner saloon. Twice divorced, gambler, drinker. Money problems. All he knows is bartending. 3:45am, Astoria, Queens.

Jimmy – One-time high-rolling bar owner. Been in the business all his life. Lost it all to drugs. He’s HIV positive, not on death’s door, but also not a vision of health. He’s a survivor. He wants to live. He has not given up.

Eddie – Slight lisp. Lazy tongue they call it. Looks like Hoss Cartwright. Uses his arms and hands as punctuation. He’s fun. He’s honest. He is classic.

Setting: All action takes place on stage with a bar, bar stools, one chair, one table. Lights can adjust to director’s notion of the time and place. Music of the director's choice can be used between pieces during blackouts.

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“A notably intimate perspective on pub men.” –Aisle Say

“A well-crafted tutorial.” –Backstage

“Sharply Drawn and Eye Popping.” –Backstage

“Skillful writing blends self-deprecatory humor with pathos.” –Los Angeles Times

“Interesting and Likable.” –New York Times

Bartenders is one satisfying straight wry.” –Village Voice

“Thoughtfully Sincere.–Village Voice

Authorized Materials must be purchased from Stage Rights as a part of your licensing agreement. Your materials will be sent to you digitally by your Licensing Representative.

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