A Midsemester Night's Dream


A Midsemester Night’s Dream
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Determined not to let a stay-at-home order derail their plans, the drama club gathers on video chat for a rehearsal of their upcoming play. When mysterious magical beings show up in the virtual space, things start to get weird. Based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, this play brings drama nerds, feuding lovers, and mischievous fairies together through digital magic…and a little real magic, for good measure.


An online rehearsal is scheduled for the drama club’s production of Pyramus and Thisbe and the young actors begin virtually trickling in. Quince, the stage manager, tries to answer everyone’s questions about how a production can even work in this medium. Francis is skeptical and Starveling is downright irritated they’re expected to try and make theatre when they can’t even be in a room together. Meanwhile, Snout tries to remain positive and Snug can’t find a microphone that works. Things are off to a rocky start when Nick Bottom, the drama club president, finally makes his entrance.

While Bottom tries to get his fellow thespians to share in his enthusiasm for the task at hand, he announces that they are still waiting on a few more cast members to show up. This includes Hermia and Demetrius (a not-so-happy couple), Helena (a drama queen infatuated with Demetrius), and Lysander (the “other man” Hermia was seen cheating with at the last cast party). No one is happy that these four will be bringing their chaos into rehearsal and, sure enough, as soon as they see each other on webcam, the bickering starts. Hermia and Lysander are clearly still into each other, much to Demetrius’s chagrin, and Helena can’t seem to get the attention of the boy she loves. Quince suggests the company “take a ten” and Bottom is left alone in the chat.

Bottom notices an unfamiliar face who none of the others were able to see. Puck is introduced and Bottom is entranced by the Shakespearian verse that they are speaking in. Helena rejoins the chat looking for Demetrius and, though she cannot see the mysterious sprite, is quickly put under a spell when Puck snaps their fingers. Helena starts speaking in verse as well and Bottom is blown away by this new development. He steps away from the chat to gather the others again so they can see the magic taking place.

Alone in the chat, safe from the gaze of mortals, Puck is joined by Oberon, the fairy queen. Soon Titania, the fairy queen, arrives accompanied by her magical band: Mustardseed, Peaseblossom, Moth, and Cobweb. Oberon and Titania are feuding and, after Titania leaves with her fairies, Oberon conspires with Puck to seek revenge. He instructs Puck to fetch a magical flower that can cause anyone under its spell to fall helplessly in love.

As Puck leaves to find the flower, Helena and Demetrius join the chat again and Oberon invisibly overhears their conversation. Demetrius is bothered by Helena’s infatuation with him and doesn’t understand why she is speaking in Shakespearian verse. Oberon snaps his fingers and places Demetrius under the same spell. When Bottom comes back to witness them, as well as Hermia and Lysander, under this spell, he is excited to see some theatrical magic taking shape in the jaded drama club.

Puck returns with the magical flower in hand and Oberon enchants a sleeping Titania to fall in love with the first vile creature she sees when she wakes up. Oberon instructs Puck to use the flower to cause Demetrius to return Helena’s love, but Puck misunderstands and instead uses the flower’s magic on Lysander. Lysander professes his love to Helena, who thinks this is a cruel joke. Later, Hermia wonders where Lysander is, not knowing he is now magically infatuated with her friend.

Bottom is overflowing with excitement as the other members of the drama club gather to rehearse Pyramus and Thisbe, assigning the parts and diving into the script. Bottom tries to call on the invisible fairies to cast a spell to improve their half-hearted performances. As Puck arrives to observe the rehearsal, though, the only spell cast is a new one on Bottom. He transforms, now with the head of an ass, and the others assume this is some kind of joke, leaving him alone in the chat. Puck brings Titania’s screen into the chat and she awakens, seeing Bottom and falling instantly in love with him. He leaves with Titania and her fairy band.

When Oberon returns to the chat, Puck brags about Titania’s infatuation with an ass. Oberon quickly discovers, however, that Puck enchanted the wrong young man with the flower, seeing Lysander in love with Helena instead of Demetrius. To remedy this, Puck uses the flower to enchant Demetrius as well.

As Hermia joins the chat again, she is shocked to see that Demetrius and Lysander are infatuated with Helena. Still convinced they are teasing her as they fight over who gets her hand, Helena dismisses both boys. Hermia lashes out at Helena, who responds in kind, and all four friends are torn apart by this enchantment.

Observing the drama (and the mysterious Shakespearian language) going on among the unhappy couples, Snout and Francis try to discern what is going on. Oberon and Puck overhear this, seeing how troubled everyone is by their meddling. Oberon tells Puck to set things right and Puck uses the magical flower to release Lysander and Demetrius from the love charms and the language spell.

Meanwhile, Titania and Bottom are still in infatuated bliss as Puck releases her from the spell. She and Oberon laugh about this and they leave the chat with the other fairies in tow. Bottom is amazed by what’s happened and muses on the magical, transformative experience he’s undergone. Remembering that magical transformation is what brought them together for rehearsal, he goes to gather the other members of the drama club.

Now released from the fairies’ magic, Hermia and Lysander admit they have feelings for each other. Rather than getting upset, Demetrius reveals that he is falling for Helena. All seems right with the two happy couples as the other members of the drama club begin to gather back in the digital rehearsal. Bottom arrives, still reeling from his encounter with the fairy queen. He reminds them that theatre is the closest they can come to real magic and convinces the group to resume rehearsal.

With Helena, Demetrius, Hermia, and Lysander serving as a spirited (and snarky) audience, the others jump into a run through of Pyramus and Thisbe. The two title characters are star-crossed lovers, kept apart by their families, and driven to a tragic end by a series of misunderstandings. The run through is a mess, full of mistakes and wild overacting, but everyone has a great time and agrees to keep rehearsing, just like Bottom wanted.

As they celebrate the successful rehearsal, the young actors are joined in the chat by the fairies, amazed that they can now see these magical creatures and speak in beautiful verse with ease.


My students loved the writing and had an incredible time bringing these very relatable characters to life.

–Adrienne Dritz Mars-Director


The Drama Club
(Gathering together to put on a play...if they can figure out how)
Bottom – enthusiastic drama nerd with a tendency of making an ass of himself
Quince – stage manager trying to keep everyone on track
Francis – fabulous and catty with a passion for drama
Snout – eager to please and keep the peace
Starveling – snarky and “over it”
Snug – means well despite the technical difficulties

The Lovers
(Not here for the drama club, but for the drama...)
Hermia – a daddy’s girl stuck in a bad relationship
Demetrius – a golden boy stuck in the same way
Lysander – the “other man” with a heart of gold
Helena – a hopeless romantic who needs a confidence boost

The Fairies
(No one invited them but they're really making things interesting)
Puck – a mischievous and fun-loving spirit
Oberon – the fairy king with a plan and an ax to grind
Titania – the fairy queen who is too fierce to notice
Mustardseed – a sassy fairy
Cobweb – a mysterious fairy
Moth – a funny fairy
Peaseblossom – a sweet fairy

Setting: The play takes place in the all-too-familiar virtual video chat space, everyone joining from the comfort of their own home…and a few from the magical realm

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Each SCHOOL PLAY PACK includes:

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Quotes from the production:

"Midsemester was SO MUCH FUN to be a part of! I played Helena, and I loved every second of it! It was such an amazing modern take on Midsummer Night’s Dream! Matthew did an amazing job of keeping the traditional plot, adding hilarious twists , adding lines in our modern English language, as well as keeping the Beloved Shakespearean text that we all know and love! Because of this, Midsemester was able to bring in audiences who traditionally aren’t educated in Shakespeare, and those audiences still thoroughly enjoyed it, laughed, AND understood the plot!" –Elizabeth Lamora (Helena)

“I loved being in Midsemester because it gave us all the sense of normality we all craved for so long. With this show, we were filled again with the spirit of theatre. I adored how my cast created, brainstormed, and never gave up, even though the world around us made it hard to tread on. Being in rehearsals with this show was never a dull moment! Although we were robbed of a live performance, Midsemester made us all feel alive again.” –Maggie Silver (Titania)

“Matthew Greene’s Midsemester Night’s Dream gave my cast a wonderful opportunity to perform a fabulous twist on Shakespeare bringing a wonderful life to the Mechanicals and the world around them. My students loved the writing and had an incredible time bringing these very relatable characters to life.” –Adrienne Dritz Mars-Director

“At a time when we're all getting a little sick of video chatting, this is a story of young people who feel that same frustration...and rediscover the magic of theatre in spite of it all! –Matthew Greene, Author

An Authorized Digital Materials/Rehearsal Package must be purchased from Stage Rights as a part of your licensing agreement. Your materials will be sent to you two months prior to your opening date, unless other arrangements have been made in advance with your Stage Rights Licensing Representative.

The Authorized Digital Materials/Rehearsal Package for A MIDSEMESTER NIGHT’S DREAM consists of: Production Scripts and Stage Manager’s Script / $300.00.

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