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Kind of Love Story
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This hilarious and heartfelt play both skewers and pays homage to the romantic comedy genre. Mark is a nice guy who never gets the girl, while Ally can't seem to shake the world's worst boyfriend. Both have built their romantic ideals on Disney heroes, fairy tales, and Cameron Crowe movies. They're perfect for each other, but there's just one problem: they've never met. As we follow their overlapping lives, we see all the ways these two are true soulmates, and wait for the moment they will find each other… if they find each other.


Mark and Ally are made for each other, but they just can’t seem to find one another. A Kind of Love Story tells their love story over several chapters, overseen by an omniscient narrator who tells us all about the two. Mark is stuck on the girl that got away: his best friend’s wife, Diane. Ally can’t seem to shake her terrible boyfriend, Max, who won’t commit. At several points, we think Mark and Ally will connect— Mark’s co-worker Lucy suggests he go out with her roommate (who we later learn is Ally). The two connect online, but their planned meeting is thwarted. Though they never speak, a chance encounter in a movie theater urges them both to take charge of their lives… and might finally lead them to one another.


Jenelle Riley's lighthearted comedy is seriously funny and endearingly sweet.

–L.A. Weekly


Mark – Male lead. A born romantic, he’s the nice guy who never gets the girl; kind, generous, intelligent.

Ally – Female lead. Unlucky in love and put-upon, she is smart, funny, and good-natured.

Lucy – Ally’s roommate; smarter than she lets on, charismatic but immature.

Max – Ally’s awful boyfriend; turns on the charm when he needs to, but usually boorish.

Bob – Mark’s best friend; generally a good guy, he’s been married to Diane for 10 years and is feeling restless.

Diane – Bob’s patient wife, Mark’s dream girl; the classic girl next door.

Casey/Female Ensemble – Famous lesbian activist and writer; beautiful, charismatic.

Kelly/Female Ensemble – Ally’s no-nonsense best friend and the only woman who terrifies Max.

Male Ensemble – Plays a variety of characters, from Superman to Mark’s father to various guys Ally flirts with.

Female Ensemble – Plays a variety of women Mark dates and ancillary characters.

Narrator – Male or female, all-knowing.

Note: All characters are open to all ethnicities, ages 25-40.

Setting: Modern day, a big city.

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“For those who love the genre as much as I, and even for you who might normally turn your noses up at another boy-meets-girl (or in this case doesn’t-meet-girl) tale, A Kind of Love Story makes for a highly enjoyable entry…" –StageScene LA

“…the play certainly wins us over with pure charm…” –Stage and Cinema

“A great date play about the mysteries of finding true love! How the heck does anyone ever find their soul mate? Reminded me to be grateful for my sweet life with my loving man.” –Two-time SAG Award winner Beth Grant (The Artist, Little Miss Sunshine)

“The smartest, funniest romantic comedy since 500 Days of Summer is not at your local movie theater, it's on stage right now at Sacred Fools Theater in Hollywood. Don't miss it!" –Bob DeRosa (writer/producer, White Collar; writer, Killers)

“I never thought it was possible for a play to be hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time, but A Kind of Love Story miraculously is. A wonderful cast, great writing and direction come together to create a terrific evening you will not soon forget. You want to take them all home with you." –Stuart Gordon (writer/director, Re-Animator, Re-Animator: The Musical)

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