Dish for the Gods
A Dish for the Gods
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Julia Reynolds, a celebrated literary critic and media personality, is running late for a highly anticipated appearance. Flustered by her late arrival, she attempts to collect her thoughts, and in doing so, launches into an exploration of how she found herself here at the peak of her career. All roads lead back to Professor Greg Davidson, the classroom dynamo who inspired Julia to greatness. Weaving in and out of her presentation, memories of Professor Davidson come to life in a series of apparitions forcing Julia to confront the challenges she faced, the choices she made, and the singular man she loved.





A strong love letter to complex women.

–Reviews Off-Broadway


Julia – 45-55. She is elegant, witty, and accomplished, but as her narrative continues, we understand that she is burdened by questions.

Greg – Several years older than Julia. He is charismatic and brilliant, yet possessed by demons of his own.


Setting: The stage of a lecture hall; various locations from Julia’s memories with Greg

Victor L. Cahn has written numerous plays produced Off-Broadway and regionally, including Dally With the Devil (published by Stage Rights), Villainous Company, Roses in December, Fit to Kill, Embraceable Me, and Sherlock Solo, a one-man show that he performed. He is Professor Emeritus of English at Skidmore College, and author of more than a dozen books, among them five volumes on Shakespeare and critical studies of Harold Pinter and Tom Stoppard. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild, Inc.

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“The two complex characters are well-crafted and don’t always move in the direction you think they will… Through his skillful building of the characters and their circumstances, Cahn brings the audience to a strong emotional peak… I believe the gentleman sitting next to me was rather teary-eyed as the lights came up… If you like plays that are more character study, a bit cerebral, and not too long, this is a great choice.” –

“A truly gripping, excellent play… Those great qualities are certainly evident in Margot White, [who] gives a strong performance having just the right intonation for Victor L. Cahn’s words about a writer, her career, and one true romantic love… riveting.” –

“A strong, engaging work that is staged around a unique premise … powerful performances from the two actors … [White’s] gift for displaying nuanced emotion, along with the guidance of director Fitzgerald, makes Julia’s struggle a compelling one.” –

“Director Adam Fitzgerald does Cahn’s excellent play credit, seamlessly bringing the past into the present as Julia winds her tale of love and loss… You will have no regrets seeing A Dish for the Gods.” –

"A tasty Dish for the Gods… Margot White does a wonderful job as Julia, bringing strength and stillness… Kevin Cristaldi delivers a fine turn as Professor Davidson… A Dish for the Gods is a strong love letter to complex women.” –

“Fabulous performances in this story of recollection … well-written and well-acted … a thought-provoking base for discussion.” –Newark Theater Examiner

“A human portrayal of two people’s careers, their shifting relationship, and the final outcome … Ms. White navigates the time shifts, deftly, believably, winningly … Kevin Cristaldi is right there with her, believably complex and rugged.” –

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