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A Carol Christmas
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Carol, the workaholic head of a home shopping network, is haunted by the ghost of a former business partner. During one fateful night, she must confront the very things that pushed her away from people to finally appreciate the true meaning of Christmas. With catchy songs and a clever script, A Carol Christmas is the perfect family-friendly musical adaptation of the Charles Dickens holiday classic.


Charles Dickens’ timeless classic gets a new, contemporary spin. The central character, Carol, is a quirky, demanding, preoccupied head of a home-shopping-network-esque company; a kind of cross between Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada and Paula Deen. Naturally, she hates Christmas and demands that everyone work until the last minute on Christmas Eve.

Her poor, put upon assistant, Blythe (Bob Cratchit in the classic) is grateful for her job but tremendously overworked and has a very sick daughter, Trina (Tiny Tim in the classic) who is, of course, precocious, funny and smart beyond her years.

Carol’s recently deceased business partner, Joelle (Jacob Marley in the classic) has left her a video message to be given to her on Christmas Eve wherein she warns her to take stock of her life and lifestyle before it’s too late.

Instead of ghosts, Carol is visited on Christmas Eve by specialists she employs: a regressional therapist (she hypnotizes her and helps her look back at her life and what made her this way — the Ghost of Christmas Past in the classic), a shaman (who gives her Owaska tea so she can truly see the world around her — the Ghost of Christmas Present in the classic) and a Tarot Card reading fortune teller (the Ghost of Christmas Future in the classic).

We see the flashback of her first working experience as an intern with the Forresters (The Fezziwigs in the classic) and a flashback to her first love, Blake (Belle in the classic).

We see Blythe and Trina at home and learn that Trina is in danger, health-wise. We meet Carol’s niece, Fiona (Fred in the classic) and learn that Carol is invited again to Fiona’s humble Christmas Eve party to which she never goes.

Then we get a Tarot card reading which turns up three cards (each one a musical production number): The High Priestess, The Lovers and, of course Death. Death has never appeared in any of her readings so this freaks her out. All of these events have a cumulative effect and after a very vivid, musical nightmare, Carol sees herself and decides to change; and instead of ostracizing herself decides to immerse herself.

She goes back to the office and celebrates with what little staff is still there. She drops in on her niece’s Christmas Eve party and then convinces them to join her and bringing cheer to Trina and Blythe who are doing their best to remain positive. Carol is charmed by Trina and allows Trina to negotiate a full partnership for Blythe (Trina’s mother).

Carol locates her long-lost love, Blake who is now a widower. He is also clinical physician and knows of a drug trial that he could get Trina into.

So, it’s all the same predicaments, eye-opening awareness and epiphany for the central character with a modern twist. Carol also gets a chance at getting her man back, Trina gets a chance at getting well, Blythe gets to be a partner and Fiona gets a promotion. And Carol spreads a new cheer and vows to engage and trust her employees as The Forresters did.


A truly splendiferous hit.



Wayne Pearlman, Esq – an attorney

Wade Pettit, Esq – an attorney

Blythe Curry – an executive assistant

Fiona Ferris – a social media manager

Carol Ferris – an entrepreneur

Avalon Jenkins – a college intern

Blake Wilding – a medical research doctor

Lee – video person

Cody – sound person

Leon Washington – a medical practitioner

Trina Curry – a young student

Felix Curry – a writer and stay-at-home Dad

Joelle Newell – a deceased businesswoman

Odette Watkins – a regressional therapist

Mrs. Helen Forrester – a marketeer

Mr. Hank Forrester – a marketeer

Karina Markeyevich – an herbalistic healer

Patty Keen – legal secretary

Josie Miller – a florist

Howie Rosen – a stock-broker

Mabel Neville – a Tarot Card reader

The High Priestess – Tarot Card-come-to-life female Pope

Death – Tarot Card come-to-life-song-and-dance-man

Children’s Choir



The Lovers – Tarot Card-come-to-life dancers

Office Staffers


The time is the present. The action takes place mainly at the Pittsburgh, PA headquarters of Lora Co (Carol’s Office and Waiting area) and Carol’s Loft, Blythe & Felix’s Apartment, Forrester & Forrester Conference Room

  1. Christmas Time is Here again/Just Another Christmas
  2. All I Want for Christmas
  3. Spelling Backwards
  4. The Message
  5. Close Your Eyes
  6. This Party’s Just for You
  7. Meet Cute
  8. Close Your Eyes (Part 2)
  9. Separate Ways
  10. All I Want For Christmas (Reprise)
  11. Owaska Tea
  12. This Christmas
  13. Little Miracles
  14. Tarot Cards
  15. I Know Everything, I See Everything
  16. The Lovers
  17. Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil
  18. Nightmare
  19. What Have I Learned
  20. Finale/Just Another Christmas

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“90 Minutes and every single one packed with true entertainment value.: –L.A. Post Examiner

“If Christmas and its profound social, moral, ethical, psychological, and spiritual impact over the years matters to you, and it should, then this is the show for you and your family to see.” –At the Theatre

“A perfect family treat.” –Tolucan Times

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