Breath of Dusty Air
A Breath of Dusty Air
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Former beauty queen Ima Jean Walker has returned home after 20 years to win a local talent contest which she is sure is the necessary springboard to jump-start her long-delayed career in country music. Her brilliant plan is thwarted when her high school rival appears on the scene to threaten her dreams of stardom and steal the spotlight. Sparks fly, claws come out, and Southern charm is tossed out the window as jealousy and greed take center stage in this diva-filled Southern comedy. A Breath of Dusty Air is a humorous yet touching story that reminds us some feuds die hard.

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Southern sparks will fly!

–Port Aransas South Jetty


Ima Jean Walker – Pretty, early 40s.

Charlotte Mae Powell – Plain, Ima Jean’s sister, 40s.

Eva Jo Young – Ima Jean’s friend, 40s.

Daddy Walker – Ima Jean’s deceased father.

Del Barnett – Ima Jean’s first love, 40s. 


Setting: Continental Trailways Bus Stop and Diner in Mammoth Spring, Arkansas


Perry Steele Patton's plays include: A Breath of Dusty Air, The Barbie Play, Minding Ms. Mina, and Grace Meet Paula. His work has received readings at Fountain Theater in Los Angeles. A Breath of Dusty Air had its Los Angeles reading with a cast that included Swoosie Kurtz, Beth Grant, and Cathy Lynd Hayes. He has studied with Leon Martell, Hindi Brooks, and Simon Levy in Los Angeles. He is a graduate of University of California, Los Angeles.

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"Southern sparks will fly!” –Port Aransas South Jetty

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