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Two versions to choose from: The Original Version and the One Act Version!

Put on your leisure suits, halter tops, and platform shoes and get ready to boogie down through ten years of groundbreaking music! With its propulsive rhythms and dazzling harmonies, 8-Track is a fast-paced musical romp through one of the most impassioned decades of the 20th century. This Baby Boomers’ dream come true features the music of The Emotions, The Carpenters, Labelle, Barry Manilow, Marvin Gaye, The Doobie Brothers, The Bee Gees, Helen Reddy, KC and the Sunshine Band, and more! Rediscover the heart and soul of the forgotten decade with this joyously rousing, moving, and often downright hilarious musical in concert.

A One-Act Version of this show is also available! Be sure to write 8-Track(1A) in the special requests section of your application!



An electric, energetic, and powerful good time!

–Los Angeles Times


General Role Requirements: Performers age 18 to 30 with exceptional pop-rock singing voices and charisma, who move well. Performers of all ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to audition.

Soprano: The “Seeker” – Preferably African-American. Alluring. Soulfully searching for a spiritual path through the decade. Pop second soprano with tons of soul.

Alto: The “Feminist” – Radiating a new-found pride, rock-chick power, seductiveness, and vulnerability. Great pop-rock sound.

Tenor: The “Lovable Loser” – Preferably African-American. A happy soul. Shy. Perhaps a bit geeky. The lovable loser who never gives up. The real pop thing with monster top soaring range.

Baritone: The “Lover” – Confident, alpha-male rock singer with an intensity of purpose. Pop-rock baritone/second tenor.

Individually and as a group they all find their way in song through the decade.

Setting: Simple locales in the 1970s

  1. Best Of My Love
  2. I Want You Back
  3. Where Do I Begin/American Pie
  4. Close To You / We've Only Just Begun
  5. Desiderata
  6. Get Ready
  7. I Am Woman
  8. Alone Again, Naturally
  9. Everything Is Beautiful
  10. War
  11. Peace Train
  12. Tie a Yellow Ribbon
  13. Takin' It to the Streets
  14. What's Going On?
  15. Mama Told Me Not To Come
  16. Brick House
  17. Make It With You
  18. Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe
  19. Lady Marmalade
  20. The Morning After
  21. I'm Not In Love
  22. Just The Way You Are
  23. The First Time I Saw Your Face
  24. Afternoon Delight
  25. Smoke From A Distant Fire
  26. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
  27. You Light Up My Life
  28. Midnight Blue
  29. Don't Cry Out Loud
  30. The Letter
  31. Hooked On a Feeling (Ooga Chucka)
  32. One Toke Over The Line
  33. Car Wash
  34. Convoy / 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
  35. I Write the Songs
  36. Until You Come Back to Me
  37. Your Song/Desperado
  38. Ooh Child
  39. The Hustle
  40. Get Down Tonight
  41. Shake, Shake, Shake (Shake Your Booty)
  42. Feelings – Part I
  43. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
  44. Feelings – Part II
  45. YMCA/Le Freak
  46. We Are Family
  47. Le Freak – Part II
  48. Cantina Band – Part I
  49. Bohemian Rhapsody
  50. Cantina Band – Part II
  51. Stayin' Alive – Part I
  52. I Will Survive
  53. Stayin' Alive – Part II
  54. Dim All the Lights
  55. Whenever I Call You Friend
  56. Best of My Love (Reprise / Bows)
  57. Na Na Hey Hey

Performance Royalties are based on theater particulars.

Billing responsibilities, pertinent copyright information, and playwrights' biographies are available in the show rider that comes with your license agreement.

“A wildly-exciting revelation!” –The Connecticut Post

“Excellent...Superb...Letter-Perfect! –The Connecticut Post

“The House is Rocking!” –The Connecticut Post

“Akin to a Revival Meeting!” –The Connecticut Post

“Superb! Two hours of pulsating pleasure. The cast bubbles, preens, stomps, struts, cavorts and, in sum, delivers on every level. Gather your family, friends, neighbors and anyone you can find on the street who appears to be in need of a good time...and hustle on down. One hell of a lot of fun! –Brooks Newspapers

‘8-Track' is an Electric...Energetic...Powerful Good Time! –Los Angeles Times

Tapping the social consciousness of the era as well as its good-time vibe, the show's nearly 60 songs carry listeners from Marvin Gaye's exhortation "War is not the answer, for only love can conquer hate" to KC and the Sunshine Band's giddy invitation to "Get down, get down, get down, get down, get down tonight, baby." –Los Angeles Times

“An infectious, joyous celebration!” –Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Hear the tunes, feel the memories, forget reality!” –Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Amazing...loads of fun!” –Minneapolis Star Tribune

“A baby boomer’s dream come true!” –Saint Paul Pioneer Press

“Magic...makes you feel young again!” –Saint Paul Pioneer Press

“Rousing...unbridled fun!” –Saint Paul Pioneer Press

“Superb...First-rate...Undeniably Infectious!” –The Denver Post

“‘8-Track’ shakes its groove thing, yeah, yeah! A blisteringly paced production that rings a plethora of musical memory bells from bouncy Top 40 pop and ballads that have achieved immortality. A spirited and lighthearted romp through a slice of pop history!” –The Rocky Mountain News

“8-Track gives CPR to 70s music!” –Detroit Free Press

“Rousing…Mesmerizing…Rock-solid…Downright Hilarious!” –The Oakland Press, Detroit

“A spirited romp down memory lane! If anyone is inclined to sneer at the songs of the 70s, let it quickly be acknowledged that the decade had its share of silly songs - but it doesn’t matter. Some are done straight, some are spoofed, but all are presented with such creativity and all-round showmanship, that I simply can’t imagine anyone not having a good time…Tremendous!” –The Detroit Monitor

“A fast-paced musical romp through one of the most impassioned decades of the 20th century…the type of show that beautifully allows us ‘life veterans’ to relive our youth through the songs that defined our lives…It’s the 40-plus crowd who get into the show the most. They cheer, they sway in their seats, they laugh, they cry, they flick their Bics and they giggle in not-too-low whispers from stop to finish. One can only imagine what experiences they are re-living…A non-stop song and dance extravaganza…Excellent!” –Between The Lines, Curtain Calls, Detroit

“‘8-Track’ is full of driving energy, pop sweetness and lush harmonies. One of the most melodic shows I’ve seen in a long time. A beautifully crafted show with a talented ensemble, celebrating the joy of this music.” –The Pioneer Press, Chicago

“High-voltage...Galvanic...Pulsating. Have the time of your life!” –The Republican, Springfield, MA

“A rip-roaring roller coaster of a show. 8-Track brings down the Brick House!” –Gainesville Sun

“Plain and simple downright fun…8-Track has an amazing energy around it. Over 40 songs from the so-called forgotten decade performed with a great deal of energy, spirit and soul. Telling a story, not with words, but with song…a “must see” show!” –Shepherd Express, Milwaukee

“Polyester Pop…Now, who in their right mind wants to hear…? Middle boomers, that’s who…they whistled, shouted, clapped rhythmically and gave a standing ovation after 'Close to You,' 'Everything Is Beautiful,' 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon,' 'Convoy,' 'I Am Woman' (of course), and maybe about 45 others. I lost count of the tunes, but it’s 90 minutes of non-stop music!” –Hometown Publications, Milwaukee

“A fascinating interweaving of songs…an evening of considerable entertainment. I saw apparently sober people waving their arms in the air in peculiar ritual gestures. It seems a pity that the parents of these people were not present to see their foreboding proved all too true. Obviously the minds of these audience members had been possessed by the strange melodies of some thirty years ago.” –OnMilwaukee.com

“The opening night audience for “8-Track: The Sounds of the 70s” hooted and hollered. They stomped their feet to the rhythm and sang along, before leaping into a standing ovation. It was rock-star treatment for the four-person cast. Clearly, the show struck a chord.” –Kansas City Star

“Amazing!...Fantastic!...The audience was revved – singing, humming, toe tapping and swaying, and sometimes clapping along!” –Kansas City infoZine News

“8-Track is one stunning little show. If you are a Baby Boomer bring your children, they may get to understand Mom and Dad just a little better. This is truly a show for everyone.” –Portsmouth Herald, NH

“8-Track is an evening of memories that had the audience on its feet, singing along, clapping and dancing, high on the music in a way I’ve never seen.” –The Wire, Portsmouth, NH

“A feel-good retro romp. Catch boogie fever and get up and join the jive!” –Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“8-Track brings back loads of memories. Tunes that truly make you feel like dancing. The perfect excuse for a reunion with friends.” –Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“Do the hustle and get your ya-yas out! Solid and Powerful...a Hoot!” –Pittsburgh Travel Examiner

Materials: Digital Materials are provided via email as downloadable PDF files for you to print in-house. All materials are yours to keep! No deposits, no returns.

Required Production Materials for 8-Track: The Sounds of the 70s include:

  • 4 Cast Scripts
  • 2 Piano/Vocal score
  • 2 Director's Script
  • 1 Stage Manager's Script
  • Orchestrations
  • Logo Pack


  • Piano
  • Guitar (Electric & Acoustic Double)
  • Bass
  • Drums

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