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Stage Rights is one of the leading independent theatrical publishers in the United States, providing stage performance rights for a wide range of plays and musicals to theater companies, schools, and other producing organizations across the country and around the world. As a licensing agent, Stage Rights is committed to providing each producer the tools they need for financial and artistic success. 

Leda Siskind

The All My Distances Are Far playwright delves into her background as a therapist and reveals how it informed the writing of her high school set monologue play. 

Thanks A Lot - My Gratitusical

Singer-Actress Miss Beryl Swiver has a lot to be thankful for. Lucky for you, she’ll tell you all about it in her new cabaret musical memoir.

Gary Goldfarb: Master Escapist

Experience the magic of Gary Goldfarb as he re-creates Houdini’s most dangerous escape to win over the girl of his dreams.