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Denee Benton

The internet gives us complete access to every piece of information we could ever want, right? Yet, I still find it hard to keep up with every piece of theater news I'd like to know. If you like live theater, look no further than this compiled article on it literally has every show coming to Broadway, Off-Broadway, and London this fall.

michael colby cds

Michael Colby Hits the Jackpot for October 30th Bash

By Sandi Durell   Posted 9.19.2016  

It’s a jackpot of nostalgic names for Broadway buffs. That’s the cast assembling on Sunday, October 30th, at the Triad Theatre for an evening to benefit Child Find of America.

Pasadena Playhouse Fantasticks

My high school theater experience was limited to what our department could afford to produce. Besides a Thornton Wilder play, The Fantasticks was an ideal choice for a theater program with zero budget - this was almost entirely due to its lack of essential props and minimal set design. Though high school students may not have grasped the finer nuances or deeper meanings in the script (and may have been forced to cut entire songs from the performance